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Creative Transformation for life

Gather light from the vast ocean of chi… attune your divine self to resonate in harmony with the elements… nourish your treasures and longevity… nurture your body, mind, spirit plenitude…

Take a Breather!

We are taking a break from our classes.

We are currently exploring ways to reach all of you in better ways. Stay tuned… and attuned…

In the meantime, Martha is available for coaching and private classes.

For Sessions:  Bring mat or blanket, comfortable clothes, water, and your lovely beautiful presence.

Experience: Click HERE for more about what you will experience

Love Offering: You are welcome!!!  Exchange the highest karma of generosity

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El Tule Institute is a non-profit committed to co-creating a wealth of self-growth tools to enrich your life (click HERE for our Mission).

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We invite you to browse our  blogs and sample our free meditation offering to enjoy the grounding, peaceful chi awareness. Stretch your branches to heaven as you deepen your roots on earth under the shelter of el Tule tree!

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May all beings release suffering and the roots of suffering…
May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness…