Prevent, Intervene and Heal the Effects of Bullying


This week, our board member and co-founder, Dr. Deborah Healy, was interviewed by News4 San Antonio on the topic of bullying, a behavior that has increased not only  among youth but also among adults, as we have seen with the recent reports of bullying occurring within the football industry.

Please clink on the link below to view the complete interview with Dr. Healy:

Bullying, on an energetic level, is the  projection of energy through behaviors that have at their heart, the negative intention of harming another person’s esteem and core energy. Bullying can occur in many forms including ostracizing, criticizing, physically intimidating, verbally attacking or emotionally demeaning others.

When people experience bullying, they may  feel a decline in their energy life force.  This decline can lead to depression, lack of self esteem, lack of interest in life, feelings of isolation and suicidal thoughts.

Dr. Healy emphasizes the importance of prevention in terms of educating young people and adults about bullying by:

  • Cultivating skills and tools that allow one to recognize when bullying is occurring.
  • Encouraging people to act or speak out when they are observing or experiencing bullying.
  • Building self esteem and positive social connections that allow people to resist bullying.

She also speaks about the need for appropriate interventions to help those who have experienced bullying, as well as getting help for those who are choosing to solve problems by engaging in bullying behaviors.

For additional resources, Dr. Healy recommends visiting these resources (click on these website links below).

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