Winter Solstice: Revive Your Essential Energy

snowflakeDuring the winter holidays, we often spend our time engaged in busy activities that tend to be more yang (active) in nature. Yet, the nature of the winter is ruled by the element of water, which is about stillness, introspection and quiet collection of energy.

The water element is represented by the kidneys in the Chinese medicine system and has a strong correlation with the season of winter. During winter the energy of the kidneys may move to deeper levels of the body, mind and spirit, resulting in a tendency towards greater vulnerability on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This is a time where we may feel a challenge with will power or find  old fears returning as we face holiday gatherings. We may also notice an increase of water element physical manifestations such as low back pain, knee pain or fatigue.

We can nourish our kidneys to help us balance both emotional and physical manifestations of winter time by:

  • Gently massaging the inner ankles with a blend of basil and cedar wood essential oils.
  • Performing the Ocean Qi And Taoist Five kidney movements.
  • Eating more fish and seafood (but be sure to include cilantro pesto or seasoning as this herb detoxifies radiation and heavy metals that may exist in fish).
  • Taking five minutes or more meditative breaks that encourage your brain states to slow to a alpha or theta state (listen to the drum track designed by Eric Dannebaum for a rejuvenating break for your brain).

Drum Meditation Music (allows the drum to simply wash over you –simply focus on the sounds and relax):

Ocean Journey Meditation (listen and allow yourself to be guided in deeper awareness of the water/winter elements of self):

The winter solstice also offers an opportunity to align with the water element. Take a moment this winter  to introspect on your journey throughout the year and digest the experiences as the calendar year draws to an end.

Allow yourself to truly create a space to embrace all that you are with the intentionality of allowing the lessons, insights to resonate through all three dan tines or energy centers of the body.

When you align with your ability to connect with your essence in a quiet way, you then fuel the processes that allow you to move from this more yin or less active state, to a state of manifesting your desires, dreams and abundance in life.