The Energy of the Wood Horse

greenhorseThe four pillars represent the energy that exists and impacts one’s constitutional energy during a particular lifetime such that during certain years, depending on your four pillars, you may have certain energetic flows or tendencies in your life influenced by the energy of the year.

The energy of the wood horse can bring much activity since the element of wood feeds fire. Thus, people need to be mindful to engage meditative practices and make active efforts to slow down if they were born in the year of wood horse (e.g. 1954, 2014 to name a few years).

Since we are comprised of all five elements, we can all benefit from the suggestions for balancing the wood element.

On a health level, take extra time to de-stress physically with more active forms of qi gong and taiji to benefit the heart,  people born in the year of a wood horse may tend to have more challenge with cardiovascular issues because of heat and activity.

Our ocean journey meditation on the website and meditative drum track can help to balance the fire and align you for welcoming in the many possible opportunities that tend to exist in this type of year for building abundance.

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