Stretch Your Artistic Self on Canvas

sunset on stretched canvasThe creative way does not depend on technique or years of training as an artist. It is simply a way of allowing one’s feelings and energy to flow across a canvas in a process of discovering what unfolds.

This  collage of seagulls at sunset was created with the use of recycled plaster rolls, used to create casts for broken limbs. The rolls were applied randomly and dried then acrylic paint was applied.   There wasn’t a thought in terms of “I will create a sunset” but an open process of selecting colors and textures that just appealed to my spirit in the moment.

Life is this way–it is a dance of art in terms of really listening to what our spirits are drawn to–and finding ways to express what is relevant to our senses, our feelings and core energies.

Take a moment this spring, to doodle, paint, create collage with the  happy intent of just playing and relaxing–for all of us are artists joined together in this wonderful art called life and humanity.

Play, grow and connect today.