Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary with Workshops in Mexico

Shaking the El Tule Tree

3 trees rooting

As you look up into the sky, remember that who you are is really much larger than who you think you are. We are in a way like icebergs… we see  only the tip – the rest of our self is subtle and invisible; the golden light we play with in our chi gong practice is a metaphor of being bio magnetic vibrational fields that connect with all that is, with each other, and also with everything that holds chi. Our chi is not only our energy, it is also the flow of that energy in our lives, in the encounters we have, and the connections we make. You cannot see or hear it, because our neurology is designed to hold narrow bandwidths of light or sound waves. But  mindful intention and imagination can flow with those infinite fields.


By the way, pulling down heaven is easier at 10,000 feet!! Deb and I recently shared our practice of 5 treasures with Mexico City friends and it was simply magical.


Smoothing chi at 10,000 feet

We  received multiple reports of  hearts opening and bodies healing. We know  that it is thanks to you that we could share this with others. Your ongoing support affirms that our work is rooting, growing, and this strengthens our purpose to bring  heart/ body/ mind transformation in a creative and joyful way.

We are in deep gratitude to all of you who have become our roots here in Austin.

With smiling hearts !!! Martha and Deb

In Frida’s house