Breathe!!!! Qi Gong at Casa de Luz

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El Tule Institute is very excited to announce that the Saturday Qi Gong blissful play class is moving to Casa de Luz (second, third and fourth Saturdays starting on September 27).


Beautiful Casa de Luz setting

Martha taught Haitian dance to live drumming, and capoeira classes at Casa back in the 90’s; so this is a reminder of the forever flow in movement wisdom life cycles.

It was auspicious to celebrate the new year in this beautiful and luscious place.

Click HERE for schedule

Click HERE for  map to Casa De Luz

1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704

1:00 PM

Serena Room

Two things…

WHERE are  held at 1:00 PM on the Serena  room (check schedule for variations – click schedule above). Walk into beautiful pathway and go towards the restaurant.  Serena room is about half way to the right. You will see a beautiful bliss butterfly on the door.

PARKING: use the lot across the street on a baseball field (park in areas that say Pay to Park Mon-Fri).  If you park on the street, you have to pay,  parking meters are available along Toomey road.


We are very thankful to Integrity Academy Health Fair for making this possible.

We welcome this blessing. So come and join us with your beautiful – blissful – creative  energy.

  Let’s celebrate 2015!!!




Integrity Academy & Casa de Luz: Qi Gong Series Schedule

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Sinking into the earth supports mindful quietude, our chi gong classes will awaken your creative self and strengthen your spirit opening to the flow of beautiful abundance.


WhereCASA DE LUZ  (map)
    1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Time:     1:00 PM (12:30 Sept 12)

Fall Dates
Monthly Emotional Flow and Detox Series

Casa de Luz  1:00 PM

– September 12 – Equinox open flow (air/wood) (this class starts at 12:30 PM)

Monthly Chi Gong Emotional Energy flow sessions — YAY!
– October 24 – Cooling Equinox (water/heaven)

– December 12 – Generous wings (earth/metal)
– 2/6/16 – Bloom!  Celebrate Chinese New Year with Light Play


Bring yoga mat / blanket , comfortable clothes, water

Love Donation – generosity is the ground for abundance
But come anyway, even if you cannot donate.


Martha Perez and Deborah Healy lead the Saturday classes. Martha and Deborah have over 20 years experience in the education fields and are fully certified qi gong teachers who create playful yet focused experiences encouraging participants to delve into deeper states of self awareness, growth and joy.
The purpose of this class is to work with  energy flow movement meditation to open the spaciousness of creativity and pull down heaven and slow down this earthly fast pace to blissful rhythms of your signature intelligence.


Chi gong is a unique approach to life; it is a lifelong tool to enhance physical and emotional wellness. It is a movement practice of flowing meditation-like movement that emphasizes intention, breathing, and posture that instills a new level of awareness of the connections between body, mind and spirit. Chi gong elevates exercise to a mindfulness practice, where breath and intention support our physical form giving those who practice it a new path to longevity.


Our signature classes focus on stress reduction with the intention to improve wellbeing through relaxation, which allows participants to restore their physical and emotional balance. The meditative emphasis will invite participants to unwind into a new level of relaxation supporting participants to be ready to embrace life’s joys and challenges.


These series of classes will focus on…

  • … raising movement awareness by emphasizing intent, meditation, breathing techniques, emotional stillness, and physical movement; health prospects can take on quantum leaps as the movements sensitize us to the connections of the meridian system (acupuncture) and our own life force flow.


  • … playful creativity as we move through the Five Treasures and Taoist five Chi Gong forms to open students to self-discover how Chi Gong serves us to detach from limiting thoughts or emotions that block our vital flow. We will play with breath, silence, and walking meditation to relax, de-stress, and allow the life-force chi flow of students to bloom into the world.