Spring Awakens Bliss


Get set…  SPRING!


We are feeling the transition into the full vibrancy of spring.

It is like nature is awakening and everywhere you look, there is a sprouting bud in a branch that just takes time away and brings you to the full presence of your being.

The sounds of rain ripples deep into the stillness in our soul… listening to water running and birds singing again… is a sweet nourishing elixir of delight pouring into our veins… it is like a dream that touches all your senses and opens your heart to receive the gift of your vitality; the fibers of your heart dance in spring’s rhythmic beat.

Our breath is such a mystery. Our bodies are so profoundly intelligent. Our vital force, chi, guides our flow and our connection to nature, the earth, and all that holds chi. It seems metaphysical, but the ancients and our teachers have passed techniques and flows to learn how mindful and conscious attention can help us release obstacles to energy currents and to our inspired abundance.

Come and celebrate spring with us online. We are teaming with our founder, Kay Hutchinson and her company Aiki Healing to provide community based free/donations based offerings on Zoom. Visit the Aiki Healing home page for the latest schedule for these classes. The replay will be posted on the Aiki Healing youtube channel about 48 hours later.  Bloom with the creative and revitalizing energy of life waking up all around us and join in… ahhh… breathe in that bliss! Open your arms to the sky and let your heart smile with the powerful sensations of spring.