Aaahh – spring nurtures the creative intelligence



Wood CutValentinVigo1695


Valentin Vigo in 1695 created this image of oneness. Alchemists in those days held a vision of totality and connection of all elements. The alchemist sought to uncover the knowledge unlocked in the secrets of the elements. In  this  worldview, transformation was the essence of the alchemical search for wisdom and power.

All that is – is one inconceivable invisible connection of harmonies flowing, exchanging, and sharing their powers in infinite fields.  Chi Gong works in connection to all that holds chi: earth, heaven, air, metal, wood, fire, water…  the Vigo image captures the beautiful alchemy of chi and the orchestration that takes place all around us… it is so subtle that it is invisible to our eyes — but not to our energy bodies or dantiens. The intelligence in nature is one of energy transformation and exchange in balance, enhancing feedback flows and minimizing waste.

Driving a Prius I realized the amazing power of intelligent design. With movement, the main battery in the car is recharged. Embedded in its purpose to transport, this system creates that which it needs in order to move! Chi Gong is exactly that. Through skillful cultivation, intention, and  focused attention, we can drive our purpose further and enhance longevity to nurture our body, heart, and soul intelligences.

Come to our virtual  classes and learn about precious transformative treasures that our teachers’ teachers have bestowed upon us to help cultivate our essential energy in this infinite flowing dance that is life.

¡Viva el Tule!

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