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EL TULE INSTITUTE  Sharing Chi gong for a culture of serenity

We are profoundly grateful for the bliss harvest of 2015.

Our non-profit is fundraising with the objective to continue to fund our workshops and  support all who open their heart to learn creative meditative movement flows and apply these mindfulness practices to transform their lives and inspire others to choose serenity.

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GRATITUDE – we take credit card donations via PayPal

In honor to your generosity, all who donate will receive free access to our emotional flow and detox series at Casa de Luz.


Chi gong is a movement art over two thousand years old that provides those who embrace it with somatic and meditative tools to:

… integrate mindfulness into daily life experiences
… reduce stress physically and emotionally
… build core energies for overall health

Next mindfulness and emotional flow session is October 24 2015 at 1 PM

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