12-12 Celebrating Divine Feminine Light

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Welcoming Yin time into the next phase of winter

In our Chi Gong teaching approach, with every flow, we are invoking a connection with our teachers’ teachers’ teachers… a long time line of respect, devotion. and gratitude.

This image comes to us from a great distance – time- and place-wise. This woodcut depicts  the practice of a master opening the flow of the conception vessel, the  river of yin energy in the front of our body. This woodcut has been identified to belong to the Ming Dynasty in China (1300-1600 AD).  It is so inspiring to reach through time and space and connect with beings who passed this knowledge and it is humbling to think that we receive this wisdom and support its transmission into the future.

In the Chinese calendar, the highest yin period occurs around the winter solstice. Yin is the receiving aspect of our energy fields; in its absence or emptiness of chi, this season is a most receptive, transformative, and creative space, a time when we can extend our arms and gather what we need from the universe, the field of divinity, that we all are interconnected in profound ways. Bring in the light to the womb of your creativity to birth in 2016.

This master and teacher is in us when we open our flows and our gratitude to the teachings. I want to thank our teacher, Kay Hutchinson, for her compassionate and deeply connected transmissions to the roots of the chi gong ancestral tree. Thank you Kay!!!

Our last session in 2012 …OLG_top_4x6

…is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the divine mystery of the feminine. Come and activate your energetic fields to open the flow of the conception vessel. 12 12 is the same day that the Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated and bestows blessings to those who are open to the mystery of the divine feminine. Come to this activation to restore and renew your energy through winter and make 2016 a year of deep serenity and abundance.

We begin 2016…

…. celebrating the Chinese New Year with a workshop that will open us to  creative principles in the energy flows of our lives. Mark your calendars Saturday February 6.

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With deep gratitude from our soul to yours.

12/12: celebrating the solstice

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Thanksgiving is a day of honoring the earth and honoring all the gifts we receive on a daily basis. The nourishing and the delight of receiving light in our eyes, seeing colors and so many blessings that life holds for us.

These seemingly ordinary things are nothing but miracles that perhaps we would  notice if we build a practice of mindfulness and gratitude. Thanksgiving is this gift. A chance th have our heart burst in joy and gratitude.

Our story on earth is one of love. Love is the force that we capture in every breath. Meditation slows time and focuses our attention to cherish life a breath at a time. The fullness and the richness of our presence is in between those breaths.  Taste a sense of how your soul is ready to bloom.

Our chi gong practice supports and refines emotional chi flow – releasing blocks, it opens meridian flow to gathering joy, compassion, trust, peace, and strength to persevere through blocks. Our workshops offer chi gong flows so that your awareness awakens to the ongoing gathering of energies in ordinary every day experience.  We receive countless blessings in every breath.

Come and experience a universe of wholeness in your flows.


Celebrate with us the winter season; a time to flow within and to nurture our yin as the winter light shifts.

We are offering one more serenity flow workshop this 2015 –come out on December 12 and share with us time to collect and renew in preparation for the winter shift.

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Our 2015 campaign is still on. Would you take a second to donate?
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With deep gratitude from our soul to yours!!!