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 2/18: Year of the Red Monkey Begins
2015 closed a beautiful cycle for our non-profit. We want to thank all who supported us by their generous donations. We are humbled by your support and are in deep gratitude for this gracious affirmation that we are doing work worth of your loving generosity. Red monkeys love to play in tule trees!!!!

Get ready to PLAY!!! The new moon of February 8 is when the Chinese year of the red Monkey  begins. It is all about playing and engaging the powerful intelligence of these beautiful creatures.

In lieu of the promised live workshop (which will take place in June), we shifted to creating online work that you can access anytime anywhere. Kay Hutchinson McNeill, our loving guide and teacher, has created two beautiful videos for us to play and celebrate the red monkey.

El Tule’s first two online workshop offerings:
(1) FREE 10+ minute video to help you align your energy with the new energy year with three simple yet powerful qi gong strategies that you can integrate into your daily flow.
(2) 45+ minutes video ($19.99 – donation is tax deductible) and e-mail access with Kay focusing on how to build creativity by accessing the five natural elements.  In this video, Kay walks you through each of the five elemental stages of creation and teaches you how to apply these concepts to your life’s growth path (have plain white paper and box of crayons, paints or markers by your side when you view it)
Kay is a modern day alchemist whose teaching lineage is one that integrates spirit wisdom with Chinese Medicinal and Chi Gong technical knowledge. When you purchase the Five Elements creativity workshop, you will also be able to discuss with Kay ( how to apply workshop concepts to your individual life. So, you get that one-on-one personalized experience that occurs when you attend a live workshop and interact with the presenter!)
This is a great value for a donation of only $19.99.

*** GO GET IT in the El Tule online workshop store/page, which is now live!!!!

GIFT exchange –
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*** Donations over $15 to El Tule will receive Eric & Jonathon’s music for Chi Gong flows.
our EIN for tax deduction is 46-1532-737

***  … COME out to play!!! our next live workshop at beautiful Casa de Luz is on Feb 20 at 1 PM- we are celebrating Deb’s birthday and also opening to receive the beauty and joy of Spring!!!
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Thank you for your support!

Ubiquity – Our new online workshop page, where you can access workshops to develop your creativity and build up the abundance in your life reflects our commitment to give tools for building creativity conveniently and allows to reach many more people than in-person workshops. So come often to this site to find out more about our little seed organization’s  growth.

All donations will support our mission of improving the creative life force in all people through future workshops and the creation of an eco-village.