Equinox workshop September 24

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AUTUMN EQUINOX– Flapping wings and ripples of light…

On September first a solar eclipse took place and we had a lunar eclipse Friday, September nine (9/9) …  the next  season begins with the equinox on September 22nd and we are planning a workshop on September 24 to attune our energies for the changes to come.

We are all connected. Changes in our environment ripple into our lives like the wings of this dragonfly impact the pond and the lovely water lilies. The intangible processes of the cosmos affect our beings every day and Chi Gong serves opening our intelligence to the field of subtle intelligence.

This summer was the season of the orange dragonfly. So magical.

We live surrounded by energetic bio- and electro-magnetic flows. We receive ripples from events into the fields of our vibrational subtle body, which can be intangible if we are not aware nor conscious of these. Chi Gong movement flows serve to enhance our perception of what is called the wei chi bubble. The wei chi holds us like if we were in an amniotic fluid, protecting us, creating an energetic body around us that discerns the energies we receive in the inner layers of our beings. Our wei chi is a living and breathing part of our being and it serves to connect us to other energies through the osmotic membrane that surrounds us.

As life unfolds in our postnatal form the wei chi is an energetic womb, so to speak. Our bio energetic field conducts heaven and earth energy through the Tai Ji pole.  From the vast oceans of chi – the chi sphere- we take what we need and we transform chi in the dantians, described by the ancients as cauldrons or warmers, and i like to think of them as batteries.

This September equinox, practices to enhance the wei chi field are important as changes in the season will begin to need boosting immune processing. Our bubble is like cytoplasm of a light egg-like being, it is intangible to us unless we practice connecting to our subtle fields. Our awareness understands the subtle relational boundaries in which we flow all throughout the day. If there is harmony in our internal electromagnetic flows, our external flows will mirror that internal harmony. Chi from other beings dance with us in an endless ebb and flow of the river of life, giving and receiving. We float in these exchanges like orange dragonflies in the vast summer sky.

Chi Gong practices support our lives by nourishing our three treasures. These three treasures are our Jing (substance essence), our Chi (vital force), and our Shen (spirit essence). Jing is like a plasm in which life resides, Chi flows in and out and fills the Jing, and the Shen governs these flows. Jerry Johnson in his classical tome on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) volume one, helps us understand the chi map in our energetic bodies, both subtle and physical. Our three dantians gather, assimilate, transform and disperse energetic and spiritual substances acquired from and forged into our prenatal chi structure. As we walk on mother earth we gather from our postnatal chi ecology as well. Our three dantians disperse chi (energy) and shen (essence) via the network of meridians and the eight extraordinary vessels. The more we exchange chi at more refined levels and enhance our conductor flows between heaven and earth – the more we refine our essence and thus nurture our longevity, enhancing our wholeness and our ability to discern the energies we receive in the yin and yang exchange that is our life.

Come and gather some wisdom practices in our next
activation & detox session. All are welcome.

For class info click HERE

Light, peace, and happiness to all beings.

Ava Brooks Solstice Art

Ava Brooks Solstice Art

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