June 17 Solstice Activation at Casa de Luz

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Soulstice time.
Solar plexus play flows.




Our body rhythms are connected to the sun. Glands and other systems in our bodies connect to the solar light. We go to sleep and wake up in connection to light. Life on this planet dances in its connection to the sun. Cycles of day and light help us open up like blooms. And the solstice is here again – June 20. Just this past winter solstice my mother passed away.  I have been mourning and chi gong has been my best friend. In the morning wake up open arms to the sun and in the evening quiescence going back to the dream world, surrendering to deep restoration. Feeling the sun’s energy slow crescendo since this past winter fills my being with hope knowing that we all move through creative transformation stages, and our spirits dance in the light and power of the sun. Day and night are our daily rhythms of being. Sun rise and sun set blessings.

And here is the summer solstice again. Such joy to feel the beautiful sun over our heads, crossing the sky for its longest journey, the heating of the earth as our bodies adjust to these energies asking for cooling and nourishing flows.  Sunlight nourishes our bodies throughout our lives. The journey of the sun marks our calendars, our years, and gifts us with this buzzing high energy season. Come dance in the light and learn how your three treasures (chi, jing, shen) can be optimized in these high energies and heighten your creative connection to your timeless self. Our unique activations will help restore your cool and nourish your peaceful soul wisdom.

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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.