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Behold the Eclipse
August 21

Take a second and hold your attention gently; let your thoughts land lightly, like a butterfly landing on a flower, weightless, and rest your attention in what your eyes see right now. It is the light and the reflection of it that allows your nervous system to interpret the light bouncing back from an object. Observe the light, how it contours the object you are holding. You are the beholder.

Our lives evolve and revolve in deep connection to the sun.  We awaken and rest with the rhythm of this beautiful light presence in our lives. All of nature is connected to it in a most amazing web of life, a beautiful orchestration of relationships that are also dancing in the sunlight.  The body and the inner body are also connected and organized in relationship to this powerful source of life giving energy.

Soon, in North America, we will be able to see a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will be in between the earth and the sun.  Texas is not in the total eclipse view trajectory. Give us an opportunity for awareness, a moment to be in complete gratitude for this constant vital force – the sun.  Our systems respond to light and heat provided by the sun, and chi gong supports optimal body-mind-spirit relationships as the seasons flow. Now deep into summer, we could receive the eclipse as a gift and perhaps we can imbue this event with a special meaning and extend our own energies for peace among humans and peace with the earth.  Peace is a most harmonious state of plenitude. Inhabit this peace in your body and in the place you are. Feel the bliss of holding beautiful sunlight in your third eye.

We will be doing a special class on Saturday August the 19th at Casa de Luz, attuning our chi to the vast oceans of energy that we gather and store in our biological, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Come join us and make waves of gratitude and feel revitalized, restored and nourished.

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