Equinox Activation September 16

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After the late summer Eclipse… September equinox activation


Autumn is a season to deeply nurture our roots as inhabitants of this most amazingly beautiful planet earth. Our earth is unconditionally nurturing us all the time; like our mothers who were our first taste of absolute plenitude and abundance. There is a deep relationship to explore with mother earth and our earth energetic body. Understanding from a sensual and experiential perspective our  energetic body systems is part of the work we do in El Tule’s signature Chi Gong activations.

Nurturing the balance for our earth systems will mak e you feel at ease with all that surrounds you. Our metabolic system is deeply engaged with the earth’s influence on our subtle, physical, and mental flows. Our capacity to absorb and transform nutrients is a blessing of receiving in balance helping us be at ease in a happy, generous, loving state. Come celebrate your energy being and your landing on this planet and help send out this powerful activation of gratitude in ripples of blessings to all who need a safe space after the eclipse and the instability that the hurricane brought to our lives.

Come out and share your beautiful energy with us as we create a clearing and safe energy field for us to open to our earth energetic flow and balance this important connection to a beautiful season that is coming soon. You will bloom and thrive as you restore these natural energies.

We will be doing a special class on Saturday September the 16th at Casa de Luz, splashing in the vast ocean of chi where we can gather, restore, and nourish our our biological, energetic and spiritual systems.

Come join us and make waves of gratitude; feel revitalized, restored and unconditionally present in your life.


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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.