Love Offering for Mother Earth

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Earth Day Movement Meditation

El Tule Institute is  starting a new movement meditation series at a new site:

WHERE: North Village Public Library(Click address for map)  2505 Steck Ave.
(located west of Burnet Road  about a block from Burnet / Steck corner (southwest side).
Tel: 512-974-9960

WHEN: Workshops are mostly on 4th Saturdays at 1 PM

TIME: Click HERE  to check our home page for dates and times and more!

Click HERE for North Village Room Calendar

COSTLove offering. Please receive from our generous Chi-Gong community.

WHAT: Our bio-magnetic energy fields are an invisible but powerful part of our lives. Our heart and brain centers emit electromagnetic waves all the time without us really noticing them. Ancient unique movement meditation flows allow us to cultivate our natural powers, enhancing stillness and mindfulness. Creative movement meditation sequences support and harmonize the web of meridians and channels energy flow.

OUR GIFT: We invite you to come and experience a series of classes designed to attune you to the seasonal shifts by gently centering, grounding you into your wholeness and inner peace. At El Tule Institute, Chi Gong is a means to connect body, mind, heart, and spirit (chi, jing, shen) as the essential treasures in your life. We believe that peace starts in our own energy fields and that it ripples out into the world touching others in intangible ways. Come and enhance your energetic flows to renew, refresh, detox, and de-stress. Come out once a month to re-boot neuro-pathways and flow in a stream of delicious chi bliss.

Looking forward to your heart-smiles.

All ages welcome.
Please bring a yoga mat and water.


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