El Tule Institute 2018 Campaign

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Campaign 2018
Lovingly closing and opening cycles

Another year of offerings from el Tule Institute has unearthed a harvest of sweet humbling wisdom.

It is with loving humility that we ask for your donations to keep on keeping on providing our
community love offerings.


Our lives are immersed in a cosmos of infinite interacting relationships and possibilities. Every moment, a blink of Brahma, a universe unfolds in our bodies, spirits, minds, and hearts. You and I are connected in this ebb and flow and in vibrational fields at all levels of being. Chi Gong (Qigong) is one beautiful vehicle to root our consciousness into every breath.

Breathe in that miracle!

We move through micro and macro cycles every moment as our consciousness immerses into the daily complex rhythms of everyday life. A flower blooms or wilts, the rain flows, comes and goes, we open our eyes and go to sleep, our breath ignites our systems and then leaves our body.  We are surrounded by energies that keep our flows moving and, in that movement, energy is transformed. Our love is the matrix where all this unfolds and where the silence of stillness and meditations lies. Our core, our sense of self is in eternal exchange with the world.  The inner reaches into the outer realms and the dance reciprocates.

We give thanks and are completely
in gratitude for your connection with us.

This Autumn, a new cycle of gratitude begins. El Tule continues to thread those treasured ocean pearls we cultivate in each workshop–our monthly love offerings at the North West public library. These workshops have become a gathering to allow our consciousnesses to release, restore, recharge, celebrate, and embrace the energy we generate as our unique vibratory signal. Each activation nurtures and balances our fields in connection to the ocean of chi around us. We are in gratitude for your support, whether in thought, word, or in presence.

El Tule Institute needs your support.
Your generosity will help us continue instilling
peace and bliss one light body at a time.


May you all be blessed and may you reach out and come share with us our last two shaktivations of the year.  (Go here for more: http://eltuleinstitute.org/)

 Martha, Deb, Sheila, Kay, Eric and friends

We give profound thanks to our teachers and their teachers, our ancestors, our love circles, and all their relationships in all directions of time. We pray for blessings and we live to send gratitude to all who come to our community and offer their beautiful life force in our movement-prayer practice of chi gong (qi kung).


Your donations will keep Austin happy and weird

Your gifts will be reciprocated:

Gifts of $25 or more will:

  • be entered in a raffle to win a private F.L.O.W. session with Martha ($75 value)
  • give access to Eric’s chi gong play-move-love meditation music

Gifts of $50 or more will:

  • be entered in a raffle to win an Aiki Healing session with our local Austin Alchemist, Kay Hutchinson ($120.00 value)www.aikihealing.com 
  • be entered in a raffle to win a private drum session to experience your brain rhythms and connect new neural pathways ($90.00 value)www.ethnocool.com 
  • be entered in a raffle to win one of the four paintings created during our solstice celebration ($100 value). Paintings were created live by Ava Brooks – Itajime at Etsy.
  • and also receive annual solstice ritual Gratitude Salts to clear, transform, inspire, and receive the blessings welcoming 2019. Each year the batch is unique and here is some info on the process of how these are made http://eltuleinstitute.org/2016/11/

Gifts of $75 or more will:

  • receive Martha’s ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer meditation chi gong flow.

The odds are with you!

All donations are tax deductible and earn you MOST excellent Karma points

Our EIN # is 46-1532737


To donate go to:




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May our service be for all beings to find happiness
and the roots of happiness