About Us

Who are the Three Trees?

El Tule Institute was created in October 2012 by:

  • Dr. Martha Perez, with over 27 years experience as an educator and eco focused life coach via Haitian drumming and dance spiritual traditions.
  • Medical qi gong practitioner, Kay Hutchinson with over 27 years experience as an educator and 17 years as a qi gong clinician.
  • Dr. Deborah Healy, educator with over 27 years experience empowering people to bloom their strengths.

They envisioned an organically evolving community and center that cherishes playful growth through a wide variety of artistic expressions spanning diverse cultures and people. They also envision creating a center called the Three Trees Wellness Circle, which they hope to manifest through achieving grants and donations and your support.

Founders laying the roots of our dream journey
Kay, Martha & Deb: Founders laying the roots of our dream journey in 2012

These three women “trees”  became the founders for El Tule Institute, named after one of the oldest living trees on the planet.

With the soft yet focused guidance of these unique three trees, the branches of our institute and wellness circle stretches wide and far, while our roots nourish a diversity of eco focused, holistic projects that draw together a community of educators and artists who are dedicated to creating a most fruitful grove of ever evolving trees.

The Evolution of El Tule

Visit this link to browse our board meeting notes and to gain further information about our 501C non profit status.






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