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3TulesWe believe in complete transparency and invite the public to browse our board meeting notes. We are still working to get all our notes online so please be patent if you see gaps in the timeline.  If you have ideas on how to contribute to our work as board members, please let us know. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improvements.  You can click on the links to download these WORD files to your computer or mobile device.

El Tule Institute Board Meetings

Dec. 2012

Jan. 2013

March 2013

May 2013

March 2014

August 2014

December 2014

April 2015

June 2015

March 2016 Q1 meeting and 2015 EOY State of el Tule

September 2016 Q2 & 3

2016 December Q4 and End of Year State of El Tule Institute

June 2017 Q1/2 Board Notes

November 2017 Q3 and 4 Board Meeting Discussion

April 2018 Q1 Board Notes | and 2017 EOY Accounting

May 2019 Board Notes Q1 Q2 |2018 EOY Account – State of el Tule 

March 2020 Board Notes | 2019 EOY Accounting – State of El Tule and Q1 2020

As part of our complete transparency, you can see our bylaws and articles of incorporation. We ask that you only view these documents and do not download them. Thank you.

2015 El TULE Articles-of-Inc

2015 El Tule Institute BYLAWS2012 EL Tule SOS Certificate

2012 EL Tule SOS (Texas) Original Certificate

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