Equinox Activation September 16

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After the late summer Eclipse… September equinox activation


Autumn is a season to deeply nurture our roots as inhabitants of this most amazingly beautiful planet earth. Our earth is unconditionally nurturing us all the time; like our mothers who were our first taste of absolute plenitude and abundance. There is a deep relationship to explore with mother earth and our earth energetic body. Understanding from a sensual and experiential perspective our  energetic body systems is part of the work we do in El Tule’s signature Chi Gong activations.

Nurturing the balance for our earth systems will mak e you feel at ease with all that surrounds you. Our metabolic system is deeply engaged with the earth’s influence on our subtle, physical, and mental flows. Our capacity to absorb and transform nutrients is a blessing of receiving in balance helping us be at ease in a happy, generous, loving state. Come celebrate your energy being and your landing on this planet and help send out this powerful activation of gratitude in ripples of blessings to all who need a safe space after the eclipse and the instability that the hurricane brought to our lives.

Come out and share your beautiful energy with us as we create a clearing and safe energy field for us to open to our earth energetic flow and balance this important connection to a beautiful season that is coming soon. You will bloom and thrive as you restore these natural energies.

We will be doing a special class on Saturday September the 16th at Casa de Luz, splashing in the vast ocean of chi where we can gather, restore, and nourish our our biological, energetic and spiritual systems.

Come join us and make waves of gratitude; feel revitalized, restored and unconditionally present in your life.


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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.

Offering: El Tule 2016 Solstice Bath Salts

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An offering as part of our annual fun-raiser campaign 2016.

Come out December 10 workshop and receive our El Tule end-of-year harvest product – prayer solstice bath salts full of the intention of transformation in gratitude.

As seasons change and harvest time comes, a deep gratitude for the earth rests in a peaceful and humble place of receivership. The bath salts we make contain the essence of gratitude to our mother provider earth, which resonates in the highest vibration of receiving. It is the mark of yin times coming, opening our hearts to receive from the earth in the haven of our love circles.

The spirit prayer bath salts are a most unique product, a result of wisdom received through spiritual teachers’ over time. These are essentially an offering to all who have been part of our year 2016, where we played with the red monkey energy – a sense of awakening is in the offing. It has been quite a year, and we are in dire need of peace. These bath salts are an offering to you for having been part of our journey this year and it is an exchange for your donation if you attend December 10 workshop.

This is a very special project beginning in the spring with potting the herbs. Through spring, fall and summer, the plants absorb and transform the energy of the seasons – just like we do in our chi gong sessions to adjust and grow. The most essential component of the salts is basil, which is an herb considered to provide soothing energy in many earth-based wisdom traditions. Lots of love and sun goes into the beautiful plant.  With the season, we add, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, jasmine and calendula (some grown, some purchased).  And this year, the salts have Himalayan spikenard oil to ease transformation and bring in a deep sense of serenity, the kind that is infused with knowing that we are light and we will create a future of prosperity and peace. In these salts, we thank the earth for the gifts that sustain our three treasures, chi, jing and shen.

Around All Saint’s day, the herbs are collected and put all together in kosher and epsom salt (so do not eat these). They sit under the sun to further dry them. And every day, they are prayed over and thanked with simple chi gong flows that pour in the energy of the solar radiance and the warmth of the earth from our heart center into breath as the salts resonate with a complete surrender into quietude, serenity; the salt crystals hold the grace infused.  At least 41 days, these salts are prayed over to become tools for divinity to support your journey. When these salts are released into the bath water, your intention and gratitude pours from your heart, spirit, and body centers into an alchemical pool to release that which needs to move on so that space is created for the love miracles ahead. The salts can be used during the solstice which marks the shortest day of the year and begins the lengthening of solar time through yin time in the winter (this year it is December 21). With this intention, prepare to restore your creative powers in the deep rest of winter and to awaken them in the spring.


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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.



Summer starry skies – staying cool and vibrant

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Aaahhh summer… starry skies …

El Tule Institute welcomes everyone back after the fun days in the sun… We hope that all of you practiced your cooling energetic cycles to withstand this powerful times being so close to our magnificent sun.

This is the beginning of a new step. Receiving light from a teacher is one of the most profound experiences in this process, which serves to unfold the light that elevates the story of our lives.

This summer brought forth this wonderful and amazing certification bestowed by the guardian of this alchemical knowledge, Kay Hutchinson. I am in deep gratitude for all who supported me through this powerful process.  Deep, deep thanks to Kay and all the teachers preceding her and masters of this beautiful light weaving soul-healing art.

I am ready to share with all who want to nourish and renew their vital force and discover their treasures of chi, jing, and shen.

Come out to a workshop and get a taste of this vibrant flowing lightness. Click HERE for our schedule.

Light Play was fabulous20160618_SolsticeBlast

EL TULE’S 4th annual

Under the summer solstice star triangle of Sirius, the North Star and The Pleiades, the drummers blasted and cleared and raised our vibrations to receive the star light that blesses all beings. The resonance continues to help us  harmonize and nourish our senses and vital connection to the one as we inhabit our bodies in between heaven and earth.

It was a blast!!!

Here are the gift of the four directions flow paintings that captured our energies as we asked in movement flows that all beings be free from suffering and release the roots of suffering; we asked for peace and that violence does not escalate against each other and against animals and our beloved planet earth. And yes, we celebrated and gave thanks to our abundance and shared it with each other in beautiful Casa de Luz. Thank you Ava for your paintings that stand today in a room where counselors feel the resonance of our walking bagua steps that prayed for all beings to find happiness and the roots of happiness.

GlowFlowDeb and Eileen gave beautiful blooms of light as they guided us weaving our energetic flows to four directions in the bagua,  aligning our present being to that of our infinite prenatal soul.

So much light and abundance were brought forth in this alchemical celebration that our hearts still dance and hum just thinking of all good that creative play does for this world.

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 Light Blessings to all







Spring Equinox Thoughts

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Spring Equinox–seeding starlight in the soil of our spirit.

March is here.

This beautiful Itajime image (by Ava Brooks) reveals the playful flows of changing energies as they rise… as the dyes are absorbed into the fibers of the paper beauty emerges. Similarly, rivers of energies flow through us.

As the earth gravitates around the sun, Chi dances in all beings animate and inanimate; Chi Gong supports us so that we harmonize with this amazing life dance. Winter has nurtured our deepest core energies just like the warm earth protects all seeds in the ground. And spring invites us to start opening to the flow of another season.

The I Ching (the book of changes) tells us that change is the essence life experience. Our bodies hold the light of our soul, and in our soul we are infinite, we are expansive and we soar together in oneness.



Master Hua Ching Ni has inspired our teachers and has had a profound impact in our teaching lineage. He has taught us how to flow with the changes in life and that Chi Gong is a knowledge that needs cultivation, to create a pathway toward harmonizing with the energy that is dancing all around us.  We breathe his wisdom in our practices.

“…Throughout millions of years, human beings developed from the constant cycle of nature. By observing hibernating insects and animals around them and the yearly cycles of vegetation, they responded naturally to all seasons. In Spring, they were lively, in Summer vivacious, in autumn they in Autumn they gathered themselves, and in Winter, they prepared for return. Thus mankind achieved an existence here on Earth that was in harmony with the divine order of the universe.

… Before the stage of separation between Heaven and Earth, the natural and the supernatural were one. After life in a form became distinct from spirit, the supernatural quality of life started to diminish. In spiritual cultivation it is understood that the highest achievement of a human life is to restore what is most natural in order to reach the supernatural. Thus the regimen of self-cultivation and all methods of spiritual development are practiced according to the season. Seasonal periods mark significant times, which are beneficial for undertaking special cultivation for specific purposes.”

Our Chi Gong practice works with these flows and these changes to enhance your well being and ease the physical, spiritual and emotional ebbs and flows in the river of life. We invite you to come to our monthly activation practice to support your wellness as we gently attune meridian flows to resonate with the ever changing quality of the energies around us. Chi Gong practice is a gentle way to cultivate mindfulness as a path to a grounded quiet serenity.

We are so grateful for this gift from our teachers and for our practice.

We welcome all who want to spread serenity and ride the ripples of bliss !!!

NEXT CLASS – May 28 –  summer sky heaven!

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Gratitude: Cycles of Giving and Receiving

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2015 (c) Martha Perez
October 26

(Artwork by Ava Brooks.
Thank you Ava! )

In the stillness
of this breath

i AMAva Brooks

the vast space
between inhale
and exhale

i AM

boundless heart beat
cycle of time

i stand here


immerse me
infinite ocean


river of life
tasting bliss


horizon heaven

precious breath
i AM
i AM
the bridge
time and

earth and sky
feed body and soul

in between
i AM whole


bubbling ripples
of serene waves
from an endless well
above the veil

i give i receive
me in every
precious breath

i am grateful
to be

(For Mauricio:  in gratitude. May all who suffer be released of their suffering
— for more go to AFSP).

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