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Creative Resources for Challenging times

El Tule has always been about creative transformation. During these challenging times of stay at home orders we offer to you these resources to help you restore your sense of grounding, clarity and strength.

Over a million people gathered to meditate to recalibrate the energy of our planet, bodies, emotions and spirits. Please click on the link below to access the wonderfully healing energy of this free 22 minutes seated meditation. Download it to your devices and use it daily.

Celestial Meditation Link

We recently finished our series, “The Five Wisdoms,” which delivered to participants via Zoom, and provided a deep opportunity for recharging energy and learning about the five elements in an experiential way through movement and meditation.  We look forward to bringing this series back as the deep relaxation and calmness is very much needed. Stay tuned for more information on this series.

Our lives are immersed in a cosmos of infinite interacting relationships and possibilities. Every moment, a blink of Brahma, a universe unfolds in our bodies, spirits, minds, and hearts. You and I are connected in this ebb and flow and in vibrational fields at all levels of being. Chi Gong (Qigong) is one beautiful vehicle to root our consciousness into every breath.

Breathe in that miracle!

Drum rhythms, especially those performed with attention to sacred evocations of energy, are healing and settling for the brain, nervous system and emotions. Calm your spirit with our free offering featured on this page.

Click on the drum to visit the drum page with the free track at the bottom.

During this time of immense change,  a new cycle of gratitude begins. El Tule continues to support each and every one of you with tools and resources to get through this difficulty.  We will post our offerings here so check back regularly.   We will be offering Zoom workshops  to allow our consciousnesses to release, restore, recharge, celebrate, and embrace the energy we generate as we enter in the new phases and new normal of our lives.

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May you all be blessed and may you reach out and let us know what we can do to help you.

 We give profound thanks to our teachers and their teachers, our ancestors, our love circles, and all their relationships in all directions of time. We pray for blessings and we live to send gratitude to all who come to our community and offer their beautiful life force in our movement-prayer practice of chi gong (qi kung).

May our service be for all beings to find happiness
and the roots of happiness

Winter Solstice Prayer Salts

The ritual bath salts this year are full of blessings of gratitude and the intention of deep creative transformation in alignment with source. 

Salts Rich 2020As seasons change and harvest time comes, deep gratitude for the earth rests in the quiet peaceful and humble spirit of receivership. The bath salts contain the essence of gratitude to our mother earth, divine yin feminine provider, and they are resonating in the highest vibration for receiving blissful abundance.

Enhance your ritual winter solstice cleanse bathing to close the year cycle and enhance your openness to receive in alignment with your highest good. In the dusk of solstice, the longest dark day, we can enter into the next season connecting deeply to love unfolding all around us. It is the mark of yin time beginning, opening our hearts to receive from the earth in the haven of our love circles.

The spirit prayer bath salts are a most unique product, a result of wisdom received through Martha’s spiritual teachers’ over time. These are essentially an offering to all who have been part of our year, where we played with our hearts open to send divine healing to all who need it in intention-ing waves rippling from our seasonal activations.

We are in dire need of peace, let us be the awakening light that rises in the horizon. This is where the divine feminine comes to our heart-brain field.  These bath salts are a gift for your support in our journey through the solar cycle. We truly wish this bliss offering will find a donation from your heart in exchange of light and loving energy.

The salts contain the five elements that harmonize with the seasons. This very special project begins in the spring with potting the herbs. Through spring, fall and summer, the plants absorb and transform the energy of the seasons – just like we do in our Qigong sessions to adjust and grow.


INGREDIENTS…The essential herb of these prayer bath salts is basil, which is an herb considered to soothe and heal in many earth-based wisdom traditions. In our tradition, basil oil serves to support the energy alchemy in the kidney meridian. Lots of love and sun goes into the beautiful plant from seed to blossom.  With the season, we add, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, and marigold (calendula).

This year the salts have Himalayan spikenard oil to ease transformation and bring in a deep sense of spiritual serenity, the kind that is infused with knowing that we are light and we are creating a future of prosperity and peace.

A small amount of Vitamin C is added to support your radiant skin, so be careful not to splash into your eyes. Epson salts also support deep relaxation so do not eat.

The oils this year are lavender, geranium rose, spikenard, sandalwood, and neem to open a receiving heart field and have ease and flow.

The salt crystals absorb prayers for 41 days or so (Himalayan and Kosher sea salt) infused in gratitude to mother earth for all her gifts that sustain our three treasures, chi, jing and shen. We also added neem this year to make your skin happy. 

You may find in the salts a piece of silicon dioxide rock (glass rock) that you can keep with you as a grounding piece to remind (anchor) you that you are in Oneness with All that is.

Allow yourself to anchor your daily life in divine love. 

Around ALL SAINTS’ DAYS the herbs are collected and put all together in kosher and epsom salt (so do not eat these). They sit under the sun to further dry them and pour divine light in ho’opnopono prayers into them. Every day, Qigong’ed and prayed over, thanking all of you and all our ancestors with flows that pour in the energy of the solar radiance and the warmth of the earth from our heart center into breath. The salt crystals resonate in this complete surrender, quietude, serenity; the salt crystals hold the grace infused. The beauty of the stars and of the intuitive moon are also dancing in these crystals. 

AT LEAST 41 DAYS these salts are prayed over to become tools for divinity to support your journey. When these salts are released into the bath water, your intention and gratitude pours from your heart, spirit, and body centers into an alchemical pool to release that which needs to move on so that space is created for the love miracles ahead. The salts can be used during the solstice which marks the shortest day of the year and begins the lengthening of solar time through yin time in the winter (this year it is December 21). With this intention, prepare to restore your creative powers in the deep rest of winter and to awaken them in the spring.


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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.

Here comes the Sun

“Heart Brain”

With the summer solstice, the increase of solar energy is both energizing and when the heat really comes to Texas, it can be challenging. Our heart activation will focus on balancing the increased energy surrounding us and channeling it to enhance a harmonious state.  I have been following Greg Braden and he talks about the “heart brain” – it has been discovered that the heart has neurons that are in constant communication with the brain and that the heart energy field is larger than that of the brain. Also, it has been found that there are neurons in the heart.

The electromagnetic field of the brain and the heart are important organizing energetic avenues of our entire being, physical and subtle. Interesting that this was known long ago in a less technical way. Chi Gong is a movement wisdom-tradition designed to enhance our energetic self-regulation. Chi Gong practices provide us with an intuitive approach to connect to these subtle layers of our body and bring us to wholeness.

Just as the seasons shift with movement, our life is cyclic and we need to replenish and nurture ourselves in all kind of cycles, days, weeks, months, years. Our heart activation offers a clearing of energies so that our mind, spirit, and body release the increasing levels of stress as the pace of life seems to get faster and faster.  Greg Braden mentions many studies that have linked stress to cell aging. Chi Gong is longevity nurturing and our practice will share de-stressing movement meditation sequences to ease you into feeling deeply nourished and rejuvenated. As you shine your heart light, you will create ripples that will nurture our collective heart fields to support our journey to a balanced state of bliss.

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Love and Gratitude

Art, Harvest and Gratitude


Blissful Autumn Time

Harvest time is a time to celebrate, share, and store. Trees and plants drop leaves as their roots anticipate the deep restoration time, the “Yinnest” time of the year, winter. Harvest time is a celebration of deep attunement to the earth, our home, as we bury in it our roots and take time to nourish and restore.

El Tule Institute has shared many harvests since 2012. Our service is an extension of our gratitude for the awesome gift of living in utmost abundance. In line with the season our flow meditations honor the ancestors for the harvest of wisdom they have bestowed to us. And yes, Día de los Muertos is a profound celebration of being and connecting to our roots.

We also offer our deepest gratitude to you – we say grace with our activations . Saying Grace “is a short prayer before or after a meal (early 13c. until 16c.) and it is an offering of gratitude (etymology dictionary).” Gratitude is one of the states of highest harmony. Come to our Qigong meditation movement workshops and learn ways of wisdom that our ancestors passed on, one breath at a time.

We want to share with you our harvest of grace, our harvest of harmony as El Tule Institute offers you this simple way to enhance the energy of grace in your life.

Take a moment to get a piece of paper out. If you have colored pencils, crayons, markers that is fine but you can also do this with an ordinary pen.

Draw three things for which you are grateful. They can be abstract symbols of the things, or realistic renderings of these three things, or colors representing these three things. Be creative. You don’t have to be an artist to do this.

Take as long as you like. Be as simple or detailed as you like.

Then, simply gaze at what you created. Put this somewhere you can see it regularly or take a picture of it and put it in your phone or tablet so you can reference it often.

Whenever you feel down, sad, annoyed, agitated etc., gaze upon these three treasures in your life–these things that inspire your utter gratitude.

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