El Tule celebrates it’s 4th solstice

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The summer solstice is prime time to access our creativity and inspiration, and thus, our abundance. This workshop will restore your energy as you learn to nurture and cultivate your 3 treasures: essence (jing), energy (chi), and spirit (shen).

EL TULE INVITES YOU TO ITS 4th SUMMER SOLSTICE  CELEBRATION – come out to learn and experience your super-conducting powers in a very special gathering and FUN raiser.

RSVP now to enter a raffle for healing treatments from Kay Hutchinson and art from Ava Brooks (see flyer HERE)


Limited to 20 people so RSVP now!
Suggested donation: 
$30 (but heaven is the limit)
Generosity Scale: Come even if you cannot pay


RSVP  at 0003trees@gmail.com send your name to this address
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RSVP June 18 Summer Solstice Celebration/ we will respond with a confirmation

You can donate at: www.eltuleinstitute.org/donateUse the 0003trees@gmail.com handle in paypal to donate.

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Be a super-conductor!

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Be a super conductor!

Through Chi Gong, I have learned that all living beings are light beings (so to speak) or bio-electromagnetic entities. We all hold the three treasures and cultivate our energetic fields through the mysterious and beautiful journey that our life is. In the traditional practice of Chi Gong the three treasures are Spirit, Essence and Energy. (Read on below for a brief description of chakra-like energy centers).

The image [1] from Dr. Johnson’s book shows the human body’s flux lines as they conduct energetic (Chi or Qi) flows.  Jerry Alan Johnson [2] – our honored Chi Gong lineage teacher and alchemist – conceives of the human body as enveloped with electromagnetic currents that influence our overall well-being and longevity. “The body maintains its electromagnetic connection with the earth through the energetic resonance of the Taiji Pole.” This energetic pole is an important organizing life principle in the energetic structure of the body; it holds two energy-conducting poles, which are positioned along our spine. “The purpose of these energetic poles is to absorb Qi from various universal and environmental fields and connect and integrate the energy into the body’s three Dantians (see flux image.)”

“…The two magnetic poles of the Upper Dantian and Lower Dantian have a different energy influx. The electro magnetic lines in the body’s bio-field begin at the top of the head where the Heaven Qi flows into the body and descends the Taiji pole, ending at the base of the perineum. Consequently, the Earth energy is drawn upwards from the legs and perineum and flows into the Lower Dantian, eventually ending at the top of the head in the upper Dantian. The bottom pole, located in the lower Dantian, converts Jing (essence) into Qi (energy) and increases the body’s overall life-force energy. The upper pole, located in the Upper Dantian, converts Shen (spirit) into perceptual insight and spiritual light contained within the infinite space of the Wuji.“

Human life is an ongoing balancing and harnessing of our three treasures: essence, energy, and spirit — always harmonizing with the ebb and flow of the elements and earthly influences as we exist. Chi Gong is one traditional path to cultivate and enrich the flux of these aspects of our being — the finite and infinite ones. From a humanistic perspective, many traditional cultures look at this vertical axis as one connecting us to our divine creativity. In our practice, we see Chi Gong as a tool to enhance our intention to cultivate our longevity in bliss. If you come and partake of our monthly activation flows you too can become your life’s super-conductor!


INVITATION: EL TULE 4th SUMMER SOLSTICE  CELEBRATION – come out to learn and experience your super-conducting powers in a very special creativity celebration: El Tule’s Fourth Summer Solstice community gathering and FUN raiser.

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Limited to 25 people so RSVP now!
suggested donation $30 but heaven is the limit

Come even if you cannot pay

RSVP only  at 0003trees@gmail.com send your name to this address
Subject line:
RSVP June 18 Summer Solstice Celebration/ we will respond with a confirmation

You can donate here:
Donation INSTRUCTIONS at www.eltuleinstitute.org/donate

[1] Figure 4.31 (p.179) Flux Lines around a current-carrying conductor
[2] Johnson, Jerry Alan, 2005. Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 1: Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, Pacific Grove, CA,The International Institute of Medical Qigong: p. 178-179.


Light Play – Workshop

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Ancient Flow

El Tule Institute is committed to support practices that nourish a culture of serenity.

We are currently fundraising towards the goal to continue to create seminars and classes  for those who love the nourishing and stress reducing practices of chi gong.

We are fundraising in our efforts to support other artists who have embraced chi gong as part of their creative expression toward peaceful and mindful living.

SAY YES!! and RSVP and donate now!
We gratefully accept credit card donations via PayPal
use our 0003trees@gmail.com e-mail to donate through PayPal

Go to http://eltuleinstitute.org/donate/

 Solstice is time to enhance our flows between heaven and earth…

For LIGHT PLAY — We are delighted to bring together a group of fabulous creative local artists who are dedicated to the art of chi gong and express it in their deep creativity manipulating waves of sound or light and color. RSVP now – space is limited.

Celebrate life with the incredible lightness of these creative artists

Our cast of chi gong teachers and artists:

Ava Brnanava and sunooks has been an artist and teacher for over forty years. She grew up in a multi-cultural family; her adoptive father was Cherokee. Ava holds a M.L.A. degree with emphasis in studio art from St. Edward’s University. http://www.etsy.com/shop/itajime



Eileen Priya MS, MA, RYT, LPC Intern is a counselor intern, movement teacher and energy healer.  She has been helping people heal and transform for over 25 years through her work in education, yoga, psychotherapy and energy healing.  Eileen currently works at Hospice Austin and in private practice, using integrative mind body therapy to support people going through bereavement and other major life transitions.  Chi gong, yoga, breathwork and other therapies provide multiple pathways to healing, each one in its own special way www.eileenpriya.com.

Deborah Healy, educator with over thirty years experience empowering people to bloom in their strengths. She likes to work with Chi Gong as part of her holistic vision for integrating emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical wellness. Her many years of experience in this realm shine in her practice as she voices the connections of mind, heart, and spirit in movement and meditation. Dr. Healy is board member and co-founder of el Tule Institute.FunFridaDiego

Martha Pérez is native to Mexico City. She has been intrigued by ancient healing traditions and holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies on earth-based life-ways, specifically traditional healing arts. She researched ancient ways of knowing from an academic and an experiential perspective and is directing much of her efforts to reframe our modern lives in the consciousness of ancient wisdom. She has dedicated much time to explore the wisdom of movement meditation processes-such as Chi Gong Martha’s teaching experience began over thirty years ago in Mexico City. She taught 16 years Haitian Movement in Austin. Chi gong has now become her new path for cultivating movement meditation spiritual arts. Dr. Pérez is board member and co-founder of el Tule Institute.

Eric Danphotonenbaum holds degrees in anthropology and linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has studied drumming for close to forty years and is a professional percussionist and educator. Eric has been trained in the sacred sciences in Haiti and he is recognized as a ritual drummer, diviner, leaf doctor. Eric serves the spirit and knowledge of the Drum. Eric and Jonathon are the creators of serenity flows (meditations for Chi Gong). For more info: www.ethnocool.com

For more details about our FUN raiser 2016 Chi Gong Solstice workshop

When it comes to generosity, heaven is the limit….
all donations will help our goal to create a culture of serenity.

Integrity Academy & Casa de Luz: Qi Gong Series Schedule

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Sinking into the earth supports mindful quietude, our chi gong classes will awaken your creative self and strengthen your spirit opening to the flow of beautiful abundance.


WhereCASA DE LUZ  (map)
    1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Time:     1:00 PM (12:30 Sept 12)

Fall Dates
Monthly Emotional Flow and Detox Series

Casa de Luz  1:00 PM

– September 12 – Equinox open flow (air/wood) (this class starts at 12:30 PM)

Monthly Chi Gong Emotional Energy flow sessions — YAY!
– October 24 – Cooling Equinox (water/heaven)

– December 12 – Generous wings (earth/metal)
– 2/6/16 – Bloom!  Celebrate Chinese New Year with Light Play


Bring yoga mat / blanket , comfortable clothes, water

Love Donation – generosity is the ground for abundance
But come anyway, even if you cannot donate.


Martha Perez and Deborah Healy lead the Saturday classes. Martha and Deborah have over 20 years experience in the education fields and are fully certified qi gong teachers who create playful yet focused experiences encouraging participants to delve into deeper states of self awareness, growth and joy.
The purpose of this class is to work with  energy flow movement meditation to open the spaciousness of creativity and pull down heaven and slow down this earthly fast pace to blissful rhythms of your signature intelligence.


Chi gong is a unique approach to life; it is a lifelong tool to enhance physical and emotional wellness. It is a movement practice of flowing meditation-like movement that emphasizes intention, breathing, and posture that instills a new level of awareness of the connections between body, mind and spirit. Chi gong elevates exercise to a mindfulness practice, where breath and intention support our physical form giving those who practice it a new path to longevity.


Our signature classes focus on stress reduction with the intention to improve wellbeing through relaxation, which allows participants to restore their physical and emotional balance. The meditative emphasis will invite participants to unwind into a new level of relaxation supporting participants to be ready to embrace life’s joys and challenges.


These series of classes will focus on…

  • … raising movement awareness by emphasizing intent, meditation, breathing techniques, emotional stillness, and physical movement; health prospects can take on quantum leaps as the movements sensitize us to the connections of the meridian system (acupuncture) and our own life force flow.


  • … playful creativity as we move through the Five Treasures and Taoist five Chi Gong forms to open students to self-discover how Chi Gong serves us to detach from limiting thoughts or emotions that block our vital flow. We will play with breath, silence, and walking meditation to relax, de-stress, and allow the life-force chi flow of students to bloom into the world.


Winter Solstice: Revive Your Essential Energy

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snowflakeDuring the winter holidays, we often spend our time engaged in busy activities that tend to be more yang (active) in nature. Yet, the nature of the winter is ruled by the element of water, which is about stillness, introspection and quiet collection of energy.

The water element is represented by the kidneys in the Chinese medicine system and has a strong correlation with the season of winter. During winter the energy of the kidneys may move to deeper levels of the body, mind and spirit, resulting in a tendency towards greater vulnerability on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This is a time where we may feel a challenge with will power or find  old fears returning as we face holiday gatherings. We may also notice an increase of water element physical manifestations such as low back pain, knee pain or fatigue.

We can nourish our kidneys to help us balance both emotional and physical manifestations of winter time by:

  • Gently massaging the inner ankles with a blend of basil and cedar wood essential oils.
  • Performing the Ocean Qi And Taoist Five kidney movements.
  • Eating more fish and seafood (but be sure to include cilantro pesto or seasoning as this herb detoxifies radiation and heavy metals that may exist in fish).
  • Taking five minutes or more meditative breaks that encourage your brain states to slow to a alpha or theta state (listen to the drum track designed by Eric Dannebaum for a rejuvenating break for your brain).

Drum Meditation Music (allows the drum to simply wash over you –simply focus on the sounds and relax):

Ocean Journey Meditation (listen and allow yourself to be guided in deeper awareness of the water/winter elements of self):

The winter solstice also offers an opportunity to align with the water element. Take a moment on 12/21/13 to introspect on your journey throughout the year and digest the experiences as the calendar year draws to an end.

Allow yourself to truly create a space to embrace all that you are with the intentionality of allowing the lessons, insights to resonate through all three dan tines or energy centers of the body.

When you align with your ability to connect with your essence in a quiet way, you then fuel the processes that allow you to move from this more yin or less active state, to a state of manifesting your desires, dreams and abundance in life.

Drumming Nourishes and Heals the Brain

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in Port-au-Prince, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009.(AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Drumming, as a musical expression and therapeutic tool, stimulates all parts of the brain to induce deeper states of the alpha and theta brain wave states associated with deep relaxation.

Dr. Barry Quinn, a licensed clinical psychologist, discovered that alpha brain wave patterns doubled in only thirty minutes in patients that were assessed as being “highly stressed,” after these patients experienced a drumming session. Cortisol (stress hormones that can negatively impact the body if they remain elevated frequently), and blood pressure decreased, while immunity (natural killer cells) increased in the patients that experienced drumming.

In addition, researchers have found that drumming can facilitate the brain shifting into the theta frequency range, a state that facilitates integrating experience through accessing abstract symbols and images, versus organizing experience through concrete language associations and labels. It is a state of very deep relaxation that some people describe as a twilight state, or near consciousness, often used to facilitate hypnosis. In this state, we are able to break through some of our emotional patterns that are reinforced by thought patterns of the conscious mind and ego, and begin to liberate ourselves from habits, actions and ways of being that may not serve us best and may be root factors in certain health challenges.

Also, in the article, “Using Percussion to Improve Attention-to-Tasks in Children with Autism,” authors and registered nurses Brenda Guiza and Barbara R. Demuth found that the sound of “drumming generates dynamic neuronal connections in all parts of the brain even where there is significant damage or impairment such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer Disease and Attention Deficit Disorder.” This suggests that drumming can help the brain to re-organize how experience is perceived and processed and may stimulate the brain to develop new nuanced neurological responses to experiences.

Thus, drum music impacts the physical body, brain and neurological systems profoundly to facilitate growth and healing across many layers of being and existence.

At El Tule Institute, we include the healing music of master drummer Eric Dannenbaum (click on his name to access his site) to accompany our qi gong movements and meditations during our donations-based classes because his subtle, yet powerful drum rhythms encourage participants to experience new states of relaxation and self awareness in a very accessible way as they move their bodies and breathe more deeply through the qi gong forms.

Take a moment to enjoy one of our original qi gong compositions by clicking on the arrow “play button” below.