Eclipses Allow Revival and Renewal


Behold the Eclipse

Take a second and hold your attention gently; let your thoughts land lightly, like a butterfly landing on a flower, weightless, and rest your attention in what your eyes see right now. It is the light and the reflection of it that allows your nervous system to interpret the light bouncing back from an object. Observe the light, how it contours the object you are holding. You are the beholder.

Our lives evolve and revolve in deep connection to the sun.  We awaken and rest with the rhythm of this beautiful light presence in our lives. All of nature is connected to it in a most amazing web of life, a beautiful orchestration of relationships that are also dancing in the sunlight.  The body and the inner body are also connected and organized in relationship to this powerful source of life giving energy.

Eclipses give us an opportunity for awareness, a moment to be in complete gratitude for this constant vital force – the sun.  Our systems respond to light and heat provided by the sun, and chi gong supports optimal body-mind-spirit relationships as the seasons flow.  Peace is a most harmonious state of plenitude. Inhabit this peace in your body and in the place you are. Feel the bliss of holding beautiful sunlight in your third eye.

We are happy to announce that founder Martha Perez has achieved a new endorsement in prenatal bagua walking, an activation that helps to transform the DNA level of humans.



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May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness.

Summer starry skies – staying cool and vibrant



Aaahhh summer… starry skies …

El Tule Institute welcomes everyone back after the fun days in the sun… We hope that all of you practiced your cooling energetic cycles to withstand this powerful times being so close to our magnificent sun.

This is the beginning of a new step. Receiving light from a teacher is one of the most profound experiences in this process, which serves to unfold the light that elevates the story of our lives.

This summer brought forth this wonderful and amazing certification bestowed by the guardian of this alchemical knowledge, Kay Hutchinson. I am in deep gratitude for all who supported me through this powerful process.  Deep, deep thanks to Kay and all the teachers preceding her and masters of this beautiful light weaving soul-healing art.

I am ready to share with all who want to nourish and renew their vital force and discover their treasures of chi, jing, and shen.

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Light Play was fabulous20160618_SolsticeBlast

EL TULE’S 4th annual

Under the summer solstice star triangle of Sirius, the North Star and The Pleiades, the drummers blasted and cleared and raised our vibrations to receive the star light that blesses all beings. The resonance continues to help us  harmonize and nourish our senses and vital connection to the one as we inhabit our bodies in between heaven and earth.

It was a blast!!!

Here are the gift of the four directions flow paintings that captured our energies as we asked in movement flows that all beings be free from suffering and release the roots of suffering; we asked for peace and that violence does not escalate against each other and against animals and our beloved planet earth. And yes, we celebrated and gave thanks to our abundance and shared it with each other in beautiful Casa de Luz. Thank you Ava for your paintings that stand today in a room where counselors feel the resonance of our walking bagua steps that prayed for all beings to find happiness and the roots of happiness.

GlowFlowDeb and Eileen gave beautiful blooms of light as they guided us weaving our energetic flows to four directions in the bagua,  aligning our present being to that of our infinite prenatal soul.

So much light and abundance were brought forth in this alchemical celebration that our hearts still dance and hum just thinking of all good that creative play does for this world.

giving is receiving

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Energy flux in empty space




Come out and Shine!

Energy in Empty Space
I was walking through the UT campus and saw these posters of studies of geometry and this one in particular caught my attention because I have been thinking of  chi energy flux lines for a while. (See super-conductor blog here.)

This is not a great picture… but you see the Zeta function geometry depicted in here. (For more on his gallery click: Pedro Fernando Morales-Almazan, PhD)

Dr. Morales- Almazan writes about this geometric image:
Unique energies:  Zeta functions help capture geometric information in math and physics, providing a way to establish relations between physical and numerical properties. This image shows the zeta function for a ring-shaped structure with symmetrical, bell-curve-like features. It helps explain how certain energies behave in a vacuum in ways that can create particles out of empty space.

What resonated with me about this particular geometrical image is the notion that this energy geometric flux explains how energy can create particles out of empty space. The concentric flow resembles the images that Dr. Johnson depicts as the chi flux in the human body as a conductor. This is also a theme in the traditional Chinese metaphysical idea that yin and yang were born out of a vast universal emptiness.

When we open our own flows with chi gong movement meditation we re-charge our energetic fields; we are opening our being to a profound alchemy. The alchemy imprinted in traditional Chinese Chi Gong meditative flows bear a silent ancestral wisdom whose purpose is to energize our vitality for longevity, health, a life of harmony, and abundance. These practices serve to connect the human treasures of energy, essence, and spirit to our most divine creativity. With Chi gong we are creating a field around us that opens us up to the beauty and the miracle that is in each and every breath. Every breath is a source of receiving and giving… in connection to source, the universe, or however you call the divine realm.

El Tule Institute invites you to learn ways in which our teachers and their teachers’ teachers have gifted us and ask us to cultivate our treasures.  Chi Gong as an ancient art supports meridian flows within you and in doing so harmonizes vibrational fields within and around you,. This harmonization enhances your capacity to attract what is meant to be in your life-path to unfold your ultimate purpose which is loving fulfillment.


Be a super-conductor!

Be a super conductor!

Through Chi Gong, I have learned that all living beings are light beings (so to speak) or bio-electromagnetic entities. We all hold the three treasures and cultivate our energetic fields through the mysterious and beautiful journey that our life is. In the traditional practice of Chi Gong the three treasures are Spirit, Essence and Energy. (Read on below for a brief description of chakra-like energy centers).

The image [1] from Dr. Johnson’s book shows the human body’s flux lines as they conduct energetic (Chi or Qi) flows.  Jerry Alan Johnson [2] – our honored Chi Gong lineage teacher and alchemist – conceives of the human body as enveloped with electromagnetic currents that influence our overall well-being and longevity. “The body maintains its electromagnetic connection with the earth through the energetic resonance of the Taiji Pole.” This energetic pole is an important organizing life principle in the energetic structure of the body; it holds two energy-conducting poles, which are positioned along our spine. “The purpose of these energetic poles is to absorb Qi from various universal and environmental fields and connect and integrate the energy into the body’s three Dantians (see flux image.)”

“…The two magnetic poles of the Upper Dantian and Lower Dantian have a different energy influx. The electro magnetic lines in the body’s bio-field begin at the top of the head where the Heaven Qi flows into the body and descends the Taiji pole, ending at the base of the perineum. Consequently, the Earth energy is drawn upwards from the legs and perineum and flows into the Lower Dantian, eventually ending at the top of the head in the upper Dantian. The bottom pole, located in the lower Dantian, converts Jing (essence) into Qi (energy) and increases the body’s overall life-force energy. The upper pole, located in the Upper Dantian, converts Shen (spirit) into perceptual insight and spiritual light contained within the infinite space of the Wuji.“

Human life is an ongoing balancing and harnessing of our three treasures: essence, energy, and spirit — always harmonizing with the ebb and flow of the elements and earthly influences as we exist. Chi Gong is one traditional path to cultivate and enrich the flux of these aspects of our being — the finite and infinite ones. From a humanistic perspective, many traditional cultures look at this vertical axis as one connecting us to our divine creativity. In our practice, we see Chi Gong as a tool to enhance our intention to cultivate our longevity in bliss. If you come and partake of our monthly activation flows you too can become your life’s super-conductor!

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[1] Figure 4.31 (p.179) Flux Lines around a current-carrying conductor
[2] Johnson, Jerry Alan, 2005. Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 1: Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, Pacific Grove, CA,The International Institute of Medical Qigong: p. 178-179.


Spring Equinox Thoughts

Spring Equinox–seeding starlight in the soil of our spirit.

March is here.

This beautiful Itajime image (by Ava Brooks) reveals the playful flows of changing energies as they rise… as the dyes are absorbed into the fibers of the paper beauty emerges. Similarly, rivers of energies flow through us.

As the earth gravitates around the sun, Chi dances in all beings animate and inanimate; Chi Gong supports us so that we harmonize with this amazing life dance. Winter has nurtured our deepest core energies just like the warm earth protects all seeds in the ground. And spring invites us to start opening to the flow of another season.

The I Ching (the book of changes) tells us that change is the essence life experience. Our bodies hold the light of our soul, and in our soul we are infinite, we are expansive and we soar together in oneness.


Master Hua Ching Ni has inspired our teachers and has had a profound impact in our teaching lineage. He has taught us how to flow with the changes in life and that Chi Gong is a knowledge that needs cultivation, to create a pathway toward harmonizing with the energy that is dancing all around us.  We breathe his wisdom in our practices.

“…Throughout millions of years, human beings developed from the constant cycle of nature. By observing hibernating insects and animals around them and the yearly cycles of vegetation, they responded naturally to all seasons. In Spring, they were lively, in Summer vivacious, in autumn they in Autumn they gathered themselves, and in Winter, they prepared for return. Thus mankind achieved an existence here on Earth that was in harmony with the divine order of the universe.

… Before the stage of separation between Heaven and Earth, the natural and the supernatural were one. After life in a form became distinct from spirit, the supernatural quality of life started to diminish. In spiritual cultivation it is understood that the highest achievement of a human life is to restore what is most natural in order to reach the supernatural. Thus the regimen of self-cultivation and all methods of spiritual development are practiced according to the season. Seasonal periods mark significant times, which are beneficial for undertaking special cultivation for specific purposes.”

Our Chi Gong practice works with these flows and these changes to enhance your well being and ease the physical, spiritual and emotional ebbs and flows in the river of life. We invite you to come to our monthly activation practice to support your wellness as we gently attune meridian flows to resonate with the ever changing quality of the energies around us. Chi Gong practice is a gentle way to cultivate mindfulness as a path to a grounded quiet serenity.

We are so grateful for this gift from our teachers and for our practice.

We welcome all who want to spread serenity and ride the ripples of bliss !!!

12-12 Celebrating Divine Feminine Light


Welcoming Yin time into the next phase of winter

In our Chi Gong teaching approach, with every flow, we are invoking a connection with our teachers’ teachers’ teachers… a long time line of respect, devotion. and gratitude.

This image comes to us from a great distance – time- and place-wise. This woodcut depicts  the practice of a master opening the flow of the conception vessel, the  river of yin energy in the front of our body. This woodcut has been identified to belong to the Ming Dynasty in China (1300-1600 AD).  It is so inspiring to reach through time and space and connect with beings who passed this knowledge and it is humbling to think that we receive this wisdom and support its transmission into the future.

In the Chinese calendar, the highest yin period occurs around the winter solstice. Yin is the receiving aspect of our energy fields; in its absence or emptiness of chi, this season is a most receptive, transformative, and creative space, a time when we can extend our arms and gather what we need from the universe, the field of divinity, that we all are interconnected in profound ways. Bring in the light to the womb of your creativity to birth in 2016.

This master and teacher is in us when we open our flows and our gratitude to the teachings. I want to thank our teacher, Kay Hutchinson, for her compassionate and deeply connected transmissions to the roots of the chi gong ancestral tree. Thank you Kay!!!


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12/12: celebrating the solstice



Thanksgiving is a day of honoring the earth and honoring all the gifts we receive on a daily basis. The nourishing and the delight of receiving light in our eyes, seeing colors and so many blessings that life holds for us.

These seemingly ordinary things are nothing but miracles that perhaps we would  notice if we build a practice of mindfulness and gratitude. Thanksgiving is this gift. A chance the have our heart burst in joy and gratitude.

Our story on earth is one of love. Love is the force that we capture in every breath. Meditation slows time and focuses our attention to cherish life a breath at a time. The fullness and the richness of our presence is in between those breaths.  Taste a sense of how your soul is ready to bloom.

Our chi gong practice supports and refines emotional chi flow – releasing blocks, it opens meridian flow to gathering joy, compassion, trust, peace, and strength to persevere through blocks. Our workshops offer chi gong flows so that your awareness awakens to the ongoing gathering of energies in ordinary every day experience.  We receive countless blessings in every breath.

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Come and experience a universe of wholeness in your flows.

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All Soul’s Day – the chi gong way


Chi Gong is a celebration of life.

This coming day of the dead we reflect in the silence and the beauty of the chain of ancestors who  lit the way for us to exist and experience the world.

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, in his Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy  (p. 46) tells us that … “The ancient Chinese believed that all life emerged from the Dao’s eternal existence and would someday dissolve back into its infinite light… The Dao or “way” can be translated both as a spiritual approach to the divine, or as the infinitely subtle realm of presence of the Divine underlying all things. … According to ancient Chinese esoteric teachings, the energetic vibration and light pertaining to the Dao (Divine) is imprinted in every particle, and that whatever exists (i.e., all of creation) is simply an expression and manifestation of the Divine…

…The ancient Chinese believed that before conception, the individual existed as an integral part of the Dao… and the “Way” therefore refers to making the journey back to conscious wholeness and integration with cosmic order of creation and with the Divine….”

Our practice is an offering to infuse the divine light into the small and ordinary pace of our days. In reality, the ordinary is extraordinary in this way.

May you join hearts and souls with joy this coming day of all souls.

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With deep gratitude from our soul to yours!!!





Gratitude: Cycles of Giving and Receiving

2015 (c) Martha Perez
October 26

(Artwork by Ava Brooks.
Thank you Ava! )

In the stillness
of this breath

i AMAva Brooks

the vast space
between inhale
and exhale

i AM

boundless heart beat
cycle of time

i stand here


immerse me
infinite ocean


river of life
tasting bliss


horizon heaven

precious breath
i AM
i AM
the bridge
time and

earth and sky
feed body and soul

in between
i AM whole


bubbling ripples
of serene waves
from an endless well
above the veil

i give i receive
me in every
precious breath

i am grateful
to be

(For Mauricio:  in gratitude. May all who suffer be released of their suffering
— for more go to AFSP).

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Earth Harvest, Ancestors, Generosity, Gratitude


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