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A season of beautiful golden earth harvest colors is all around us…pumpkin


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earth harvest

We are fundraising with the objective to obtain funds to continue to support our workshops and all who open their heart to meditative movement flows and apply mindfulness practices to transform their lives and inspire others to choose a path to serenity.


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Chi gong is a movement art over two thousand years oldGold that provides those who embrace it with somatic and meditative tools to:

… integrate mindfulness into daily life experiences
… reduce stress physically and emotionally
… build core energies for overall health

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October 24 2015 at 1 PM

EL TULE INSTITUTE  – Sharing Chi gong for a culture of serenity

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A Tree Grows from Gratitude

Author: eltuleinstitutenonprofit  //  Category: Art, Mindfulness



In the fall of 2012, five ladies gathered to explore the concept of a open space that nourishes creative energies. During what seemed to be originally a “woman focused” meeting, one of the husbands  of the ladies playfully interrupted the meeting by showing the group these incredible images of the El Tule tree growing in Mexico. Its roots formed sculpture-like nodules that resembled gnomes, angels and other shapes.

From this humble start of evoking the energy of El Tule, emerged three women trees who carried forth the commitment to form the El Tule Institute, a non profit organization devoted to researching and manifesting cultural diversity through artistic expression and educational leadership.

This journey has taken the three trees, Martha Perez, Kay Hutchinson and Deborah Healy on a beautiful journey of gratitude celebrating  the wisdom and abundance of El Tule with laughter creativity, synergy and sheer wonder in feeling  blessed to share dreams and watch them manifest organically through the free flowing structure of El Tule Institute.

We invite you to join us on the journey to discover how many ways our branches can bend, dance in the wind, stretch to the ground and extend up into the sky.

Come play and grow with us!

We give special thanks to artist Daj’zha Vu, whose strong yet ethereal colors in her sketch of three trees, captures the femininity, strength and receptivity of that which we three trees feel each time we engage the spirit of the El Tule tree.

Visit Daj’zha’s blog, to learn more about how she created her art of three trees.