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Now more than ever, you need tools to stay calm, keep your immunity strong, and  nourish your creativity.

Our planet and society is undergoing an energetic recalibration that is challenging every one of us to return to a more harmonious and natural  way of moving through our days.

People are spending more time at home, cooking at home, nourishing family and community relationships in new ways, and finding new voices and motivation to create innovative methods for earning a living and managing resources.

El Tule Institute has always been about supporting creative transformation but now, more than ever, we offer tools to help you get through this time of change with meditations, drumming, art, qi gong movement and a myriad of ways to creatively move forward to craft the new “normal.”

Neuroscientists have discovered that when people engage in creative thinking regularly as a practice, they are able to cope with novel and unexpected events in a way that promotes growth, versus becoming overwhelmed and over-stressed.

We offer one-on-one coaching and group experiences through Zoom and welcome collaborating with other artists and lightworkers to create life-giving experiences to weather these challenging times.  Email us today to schedule a session.  Our sessions integrate energy movement, music and visual and written arts to help you ground, center and restore yourself.

We recently completed the virtual Zoom series, “The Five Wisdoms” which allowed participants to learn deeply about how to recalibrate their energy to flow with these profound changes in our world.  Stay tuned for the return of this series along with the option to achieve a community level teacher certification for participating.

Qi gong is a movement and meditation art that has existed for over two thousand years and provides somatic and meditative tools to:

… understand bio-energetics to enhance a peaceful life experience amid crisis

… learn the the energy of the five elements which govern every aspect of our lives

… optimize bio-energetic flows in connection to earth’s seasonal shifts so that you can improve overall immunity and  health

… build core energies for overall wellness and abundance

… cultivate a contemplative life of creative serenity even when great changes are occurring

This ancient art is the basis for many of our workshops integrating creative art expression through visual arts,  musical arts such as drumming, healing arts such as self massage with acupressure points, and collaborative arts such as virtual healing circles that integrate journaling, dance and other creative expressions.

May all beings release suffering and the roots of suffering.

May all beings find happiness and the roots of happiness…