Love Offering for Mother Earth

Earth Day Movement Meditation

Our bio-magnetic energy fields are an invisible but powerful part of our lives. Our heart and brain centers emit electromagnetic waves all the time without us really noticing them. Ancient unique movement meditation flows allow us to cultivate our natural powers, enhancing stillness and mindfulness. Creative movement meditation sequences support and harmonize the web of meridians and channels energy flow.

At El Tule Institute, Chi Gong is a means to connect body, mind, heart, and spirit (chi, jing, shen) as the essential treasures in your life. We believe that peace starts in our own energy fields and that it ripples out to others.

Perform this simple earth meditation.

Stand on the ground in bare feet if you can with toes straight ahead and heels planted firmly.

Imagine you have roots coming out of your feet connecting you to the earth.

Simple inhale the Earth energy up your feet to the middle of your body at your solar plexus near your stomach at the midline of your body.

Exhale the energy down to the earth.

Do this nine times and relax.  Thank the Earth for this exchange of energy. Feel refreshed.

Call us today to schedule a tarot consultation, or private energy balancing session with chi gong movements and meditations.

Looking forward to your heart-smiles.

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