Here comes the Sun

“Heart Brain”

With the summer solstice, the increase of solar energy is both energizing and when the heat really comes to Texas, it can be challenging. Our heart activation will focus on balancing the increased energy surrounding us and channeling it to enhance a harmonious state.  I have been following Greg Braden and he talks about the “heart brain” – it has been discovered that the heart has neurons that are in constant communication with the brain and that the heart energy field is larger than that of the brain. Also, it has been found that there are neurons in the heart.

The electromagnetic field of the brain and the heart are important organizing energetic avenues of our entire being, physical and subtle. Interesting that this was known long ago in a less technical way. Chi Gong is a movement wisdom-tradition designed to enhance our energetic self-regulation. Chi Gong practices provide us with an intuitive approach to connect to these subtle layers of our body and bring us to wholeness.

Just as the seasons shift with movement, our life is cyclic and we need to replenish and nurture ourselves in all kind of cycles, days, weeks, months, years. Our heart activation offers a clearing of energies so that our mind, spirit, and body release the increasing levels of stress as the pace of life seems to get faster and faster.  Greg Braden mentions many studies that have linked stress to cell aging. Chi Gong is longevity nurturing and our practice will share de-stressing movement meditation sequences to ease you into feeling deeply nourished and rejuvenated. As you shine your heart light, you will create ripples that will nurture our collective heart fields to support our journey to a balanced state of bliss.

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