Restore Your Peace and Strength

Creative Resources for Challenging times

El Tule has always been about creative transformation. During these challenging times of stay at home orders we offer to you these resources to help you restore your sense of grounding, clarity and strength.

Over a million people gathered to meditate to recalibrate the energy of our planet, bodies, emotions and spirits. Please click on the link below to access the wonderfully healing energy of this free 22 minutes seated meditation. Download it to your devices and use it daily.

Celestial Meditation Link

We recently finished our series, “The Five Wisdoms,” which delivered to participants via Zoom, and provided a deep opportunity for recharging energy and learning about the five elements in an experiential way through movement and meditation.  We look forward to bringing this series back as the deep relaxation and calmness is very much needed. Stay tuned for more information on this series.

Our lives are immersed in a cosmos of infinite interacting relationships and possibilities. Every moment, a blink of Brahma, a universe unfolds in our bodies, spirits, minds, and hearts. You and I are connected in this ebb and flow and in vibrational fields at all levels of being. Chi Gong (Qigong) is one beautiful vehicle to root our consciousness into every breath.

Breathe in that miracle!

Drum rhythms, especially those performed with attention to sacred evocations of energy, are healing and settling for the brain, nervous system and emotions. Calm your spirit with our free offering featured on this page.

Click on the drum to visit the drum page with the free track at the bottom.

During this time of immense change,  a new cycle of gratitude begins. El Tule continues to support each and every one of you with tools and resources to get through this difficulty.  We will post our offerings here so check back regularly.   We will be offering Zoom workshops  to allow our consciousnesses to release, restore, recharge, celebrate, and embrace the energy we generate as we enter in the new phases and new normal of our lives.

If you are so moved to donate to help us reach out to community, please visit our donations  page.

May you all be blessed and may you reach out and let us know what we can do to help you.

 We give profound thanks to our teachers and their teachers, our ancestors, our love circles, and all their relationships in all directions of time. We pray for blessings and we live to send gratitude to all who come to our community and offer their beautiful life force in our movement-prayer practice of chi gong (qi kung).

May our service be for all beings to find happiness
and the roots of happiness