About Martha…

Martha is a co-founder of El Tule Institute. She has experimented with healing systems in traditional settings since the 1990’s. Growing up in Mexico, she encountered local curandero culture in search for her own healing. She studied with the Arizona-based “Journey into the light” emotional healing system, and is a graduate and certified sponsor of Roman’s and Packer’s “Awakening your body light” spiritual process. Martha has learned from the wisdom of many movement, meditation, and martial arts processes such as Sufi-based movement meditation, capoeira n’gola, yoga, and Feldenkrais awareness  through movement ATM®. She traveled to Cuba and Haiti to learn about sacred dance and about healing arts traditions. She is Aiki Healing Qigong movement certified, has been part of the Year of Miracles community for 5 years, is Ho’oponopono certified (Joe Vitale), John Newton certified, is a facilitator for Sue Morter’s Energy Codes, and absolutely loves to coach and do divination. It is all part of her coaching process F.L.O.W.

Teaching has become a spiritual path for Martha. She taught Haitian dance in Austin for sixteen years. Martha wrote and choreographed White Darkness, a fusion of poetry, storytelling, and traditional Haitian drumming, dance, song, and religious symbolism. Martha’s ability to share the healing power of movement has touched many lives. She loves movement as a path to wholeness, she is a 7-year certified Qigong practitioner working within a lineage of generations of Taoist priests.

Martha is native to Mexico City. She has a MA in sociology and a PhD in cultural geography on the phenomenology of earth-based lifeways. She has researched ancient ways of knowing from an academic and an experiential perspective and is directing much of her efforts to shift our human relationship to the earth with the wisdom left to us by our ancestors. Martha works supporting educational communities. Learning is a lifelong dance for her.

Martha is committed to el Tule Institute transformational work.
If interested in coaching, contact: martha401@gmail.com

With infinite gratitude for the honor and blessing of this practice.