El Tule Institute Fun-raiser Campaign 2020

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” –Albert Einstein.

The Helix Nebula is also called the Eye of God Nebula. Our roots ground us in heaven as well as earth. Gives a sense of deep connection to Oneness. Whichever is the higher power of your understanding, whatever the name you apply to a consciousness grid of light that we all are part of, know that in this very moment, we all are One. In this present breath, the all that is dances in energetic flows of pure bliss and gratitude in your body.

At El Tule Institute, we are celebrating another year of loving connection to each and every one of you who have supported this humble seed project that we are. Deb, Martha, Sheila, Eric and Kay have nothing but gratitude for having embraced our work this year.

Your support affirms that one breath-at-a-time we can transform and have an energetic impact around us. With our soul energy we contribute and continue to work to bring about the shift for all human beings to awaken their consciousness and root our daily life in peace of body, mind, and heart. Qigong is our way to bring forth heaven to hearts, minds, and souls. And we give great thanks to Source for this knowing.

This past Autumn we started work online and we have had so much fun! Thank you again for your patronage. We are honored you choose this practice to creatively transform your life.

Realize that we are immersed in constant exchanges of energy
where our natural flow is immersed in expansive
universal abundance. — Martha Pérez

We humbly ask again for your generous donations and invite you to join us in the last month of this decade and the beginning of next year and take the 5 wisdoms’ sessions in exchange for your donation. Giving and receiving is perfect.

The winter solstice brings us into the seasonal flow of the element of water, where all is ease in the ebb, and flow without grasping or rejecting — just being.

Breathe in gratitude, exhale bliss.

El Tule Institute needs your support.
Your generosity will help us continue instilling
peace and bliss one light body at a time.




May our service
support all beings to find happiness
and the roots of happiness