Tools from Around the World to Restore Peace and Health

Diverse culture art painting for healing and natural expression

Our creative selves are alive and awake amid the pandemic.

Despite the pandemic and global lock downs, we humans find a myriad of ways to express ourselves and continue to ascend our energies. Artistically and culturally, we are rising forth with great diversity.

We at El Tule Institute know that things are challenging and difficult. We are committed to inspiring new ways to release stress and nourish your creative expressions in diverse ways because research published in the 2010 edition of the American Journal of Public Health shows that creative expressions help our immunity systems to stay strong and improves our mental health as well.

Take a moment to give yourself a pause from the stress by clicking on these video links that represent a diversity of cultures that remind us that no matter where we are in the world, we can unite to build hope, healing and love.

Choose to view one or all–then ask yourself, how can you creatively express what you are feeling today to release your stress? Journal, use your audio recorder on smart devices, get out that chalk, or move your body.

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Italians use music to express during the quarantine.

African students combine their musical talents to create a positive message to prevent Covid 19.

Get busy with chalk sidewalk art–this one mother is helping her children find new ways to express with art photography.

Native Americans dance beautifully to share healing energy with the world.

Of course, we cannot forget that the movement art of qi gong can also help us heal and grow. Founder and medical qi gong practitioner, Kay Hutchinson shares this ancient art from China.  As a gift to you,  El Tule is partnering with Aiki Healing to present these free live classes Saturdays at  noon CST on the Aiki Healing Facebook site.