St. Valentine welcomes 2015 with blooming hearts


Thank you Kay, Ali, and Sheila!!!


Stress is an invisible but increasingly tangible aspect of our current work culture and is taking a toll in our collective being, draining energy of our capacity of being present in our lives. Stressful lifestyles eat away our health, our longevity, and our inner peace. There are strong cultural forces that organize the way we live.  To get a visual taste, this video reminds us how traditional educational settings mirror this one-dimensional world.

But there are those who work to change this. The universe has brought forth beautiful relationships to our transformational journey.

We also welcome Sheila Armitage with great gratitude and joy. Sheila is brilliant and has embarked on a journey of opening her clientele to the power and wisdom of the feminine. We are grateful to embrace her and her positively joyful radiance into our midst. We look forward to working with Sheila to play with holistic practices to serve others transform their lives and find a creative flow.

Sheila & Lola

Sheila Armitage (radiant smile)

About Sheila: Having invested 20 years in a traditional career as a lawyer and international leadership consultant working with companies like IBM, Dell, Sony, Columbia HCA, Seton Healthcare Network, and Catholic Healthcare, Sheila noticed stress rates increasing as mechanistic, efficiency-driven methods became over-used with consequences such as burn-out, decreased ethics, talent turnover, falling satisfaction and engagement levels. She re-directed her traditional business skills into a new practice where wholeness, resilience and empowerment took people on a deeper journey of self-awareness, authenticity, honesty, business stewardship, and healthy practices. For more information on Sheila’s amazing work go to:

For those of you who are wondering… our beloved teacher Kay Hutchinson remains a founding stone of El Tule Institute and a power ally in our journey to a peaceful joyful community. Visit her website at

Thank you all lovely power women deep from the heart-roots of El Tule Tree.