Light Players that Support El Tule


Ancient Flow

El Tule Institute is committed to support practices that nourish a culture of serenity.

 Solstice is time to enhance our flows between heaven and earth…

For LIGHT PLAY — We are delighted to bring together a group of fabulous creative local artists who are dedicated to the art of chi gong and express it in their deep creativity manipulating waves of sound or light and color.

Celebrate life with the incredible lightness of these creative artists

Our cast of chi gong teachers and artists:

Ava Brnanava and sunooks has been an artist and teacher for over forty years. She grew up in a multi-cultural family; her adoptive father was Cherokee. Ava holds a M.L.A. degree with emphasis in studio art from St. Edward’s University.



Eileen Priya MS, MA, RYT, LPC Intern is a counselor intern, movement teacher and energy healer.  She has been helping people heal and transform for over 25 years through her work in education, yoga, psychotherapy and energy healing.  Eileen currently works at Hospice Austin and in private practice, using integrative mind body therapy to support people going through bereavement and other major life transitions.  Chi gong, yoga, breathwork and other therapies provide multiple pathways to healing, each one in its own special way

Deborah Healy, educator with over thirty years experience empowering people to bloom in their strengths. She likes to work with Chi Gong as part of her holistic vision for integrating emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical wellness. Her many years of experience in this realm shine in her practice as she voices the connections of mind, heart, and spirit in movement and meditation. Dr. Healy is board member and co-founder of el Tule Institute.FunFridaDiego

Martha Pérez is native to Mexico City. She has been intrigued by ancient healing traditions and holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies on earth-based life-ways, specifically traditional healing arts. She researched ancient ways of knowing from an academic and an experiential perspective and is directing much of her efforts to reframe our modern lives in the consciousness of ancient wisdom. She has dedicated much time to explore the wisdom of movement meditation processes-such as Chi Gong Martha’s teaching experience began over thirty years ago in Mexico City. She taught 16 years Haitian Movement in Austin. Chi gong has now become her new path for cultivating movement meditation spiritual arts. Dr. Pérez is board member and co-founder of el Tule Institute.

Eric Danphotonenbaum holds degrees in anthropology and linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has studied drumming for close to forty years and is a professional percussionist and educator. Eric has been trained in the sacred sciences in Haiti and he is recognized as a ritual drummer, diviner, leaf doctor. Eric serves the spirit and knowledge of the Drum. Eric and Jonathon are the creators of serenity flows (meditations for Chi Gong). For more info: www.ethnocool.

When it comes to generosity, heaven is the limit….
all donations will help our goal to create a culture of serenity.