All Soul’s Day – the chi gong way


Chi Gong is a celebration of life.

This coming day of the dead we reflect in the silence and the beauty of the chain of ancestors who  lit the way for us to exist and experience the world.

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, in his Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy  (p. 46) tells us that … “The ancient Chinese believed that all life emerged from the Dao’s eternal existence and would someday dissolve back into its infinite light… The Dao or “way” can be translated both as a spiritual approach to the divine, or as the infinitely subtle realm of presence of the Divine underlying all things. … According to ancient Chinese esoteric teachings, the energetic vibration and light pertaining to the Dao (Divine) is imprinted in every particle, and that whatever exists (i.e., all of creation) is simply an expression and manifestation of the Divine…

…The ancient Chinese believed that before conception, the individual existed as an integral part of the Dao… and the “Way” therefore refers to making the journey back to conscious wholeness and integration with cosmic order of creation and with the Divine….”

Our practice is an offering to infuse the divine light into the small and ordinary pace of our days. In reality, the ordinary is extraordinary in this way.

May you join hearts and souls with joy this coming day of all souls.

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With deep gratitude from our soul to yours!!!