12/12: celebrating the solstice



Thanksgiving is a day of honoring the earth and honoring all the gifts we receive on a daily basis. The nourishing and the delight of receiving light in our eyes, seeing colors and so many blessings that life holds for us.

These seemingly ordinary things are nothing but miracles that perhaps we would  notice if we build a practice of mindfulness and gratitude. Thanksgiving is this gift. A chance the have our heart burst in joy and gratitude.

Our story on earth is one of love. Love is the force that we capture in every breath. Meditation slows time and focuses our attention to cherish life a breath at a time. The fullness and the richness of our presence is in between those breaths.  Taste a sense of how your soul is ready to bloom.

Our chi gong practice supports and refines emotional chi flow – releasing blocks, it opens meridian flow to gathering joy, compassion, trust, peace, and strength to persevere through blocks. Our workshops offer chi gong flows so that your awareness awakens to the ongoing gathering of energies in ordinary every day experience.  We receive countless blessings in every breath.

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Come and experience a universe of wholeness in your flows.

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With deep gratitude from our soul to yours!!!