Energy flux in empty space




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Energy in Empty Space
I was walking through the UT campus and saw these posters of studies of geometry and this one in particular caught my attention because I have been thinking of  chi energy flux lines for a while. (See super-conductor blog here.)

This is not a great picture… but you see the Zeta function geometry depicted in here. (For more on his gallery click: Pedro Fernando Morales-Almazan, PhD)

Dr. Morales- Almazan writes about this geometric image:
Unique energies:  Zeta functions help capture geometric information in math and physics, providing a way to establish relations between physical and numerical properties. This image shows the zeta function for a ring-shaped structure with symmetrical, bell-curve-like features. It helps explain how certain energies behave in a vacuum in ways that can create particles out of empty space.

What resonated with me about this particular geometrical image is the notion that this energy geometric flux explains how energy can create particles out of empty space. The concentric flow resembles the images that Dr. Johnson depicts as the chi flux in the human body as a conductor. This is also a theme in the traditional Chinese metaphysical idea that yin and yang were born out of a vast universal emptiness.

When we open our own flows with chi gong movement meditation we re-charge our energetic fields; we are opening our being to a profound alchemy. The alchemy imprinted in traditional Chinese Chi Gong meditative flows bear a silent ancestral wisdom whose purpose is to energize our vitality for longevity, health, a life of harmony, and abundance. These practices serve to connect the human treasures of energy, essence, and spirit to our most divine creativity. With Chi gong we are creating a field around us that opens us up to the beauty and the miracle that is in each and every breath. Every breath is a source of receiving and giving… in connection to source, the universe, or however you call the divine realm.

El Tule Institute invites you to learn ways in which our teachers and their teachers’ teachers have gifted us and ask us to cultivate our treasures.  Chi Gong as an ancient art supports meridian flows within you and in doing so harmonizes vibrational fields within and around you,. This harmonization enhances your capacity to attract what is meant to be in your life-path to unfold your ultimate purpose which is loving fulfillment.