Summer starry skies – staying cool and vibrant



Aaahhh summer… starry skies …

El Tule Institute welcomes everyone back after the fun days in the sun… We hope that all of you practiced your cooling energetic cycles to withstand this powerful times being so close to our magnificent sun.

This is the beginning of a new step. Receiving light from a teacher is one of the most profound experiences in this process, which serves to unfold the light that elevates the story of our lives.

This summer brought forth this wonderful and amazing certification bestowed by the guardian of this alchemical knowledge, Kay Hutchinson. I am in deep gratitude for all who supported me through this powerful process.  Deep, deep thanks to Kay and all the teachers preceding her and masters of this beautiful light weaving soul-healing art.

I am ready to share with all who want to nourish and renew their vital force and discover their treasures of chi, jing, and shen.

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Light Play was fabulous20160618_SolsticeBlast

EL TULE’S 4th annual

Under the summer solstice star triangle of Sirius, the North Star and The Pleiades, the drummers blasted and cleared and raised our vibrations to receive the star light that blesses all beings. The resonance continues to help us  harmonize and nourish our senses and vital connection to the one as we inhabit our bodies in between heaven and earth.

It was a blast!!!

Here are the gift of the four directions flow paintings that captured our energies as we asked in movement flows that all beings be free from suffering and release the roots of suffering; we asked for peace and that violence does not escalate against each other and against animals and our beloved planet earth. And yes, we celebrated and gave thanks to our abundance and shared it with each other in beautiful Casa de Luz. Thank you Ava for your paintings that stand today in a room where counselors feel the resonance of our walking bagua steps that prayed for all beings to find happiness and the roots of happiness.

GlowFlowDeb and Eileen gave beautiful blooms of light as they guided us weaving our energetic flows to four directions in the bagua,  aligning our present being to that of our infinite prenatal soul.

So much light and abundance were brought forth in this alchemical celebration that our hearts still dance and hum just thinking of all good that creative play does for this world.

giving is receiving

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 Light Blessings to all