About Us

El Tule Institute was created in October 2012 by Dr. Martha Perez, with over 27 years experience as an educator and eco focused life coach via Haitian drumming and dance spiritual traditions, Dr. Deborah Healy a talented educator who has taught graduate level psychology programs and oversaw psychology staff at Northern Independent School District in San Antonio, and medical qigong clinician Kay Hutchinson who left the organization in 2014 but still provides technical advice to the board.

These  original founders envisioned an organization dedicated to using a wide variety of artistic  modalities for creative self expression and envisioned an collaborative center to educate the public about ways to expand and evolve how we develop as creative beings.

Kay, Martha & Deb: Founders laying the roots of our dream journey in 2012

Kay, Martha & Deb: Founders laying the roots of our dream journey in 2012

This collaborative center has evolved from the vision of  a brick and mortar physical space to a virtual space for workshops, collaborative projects, educational presentations and technical art that encompasses music, movement, mindfulness, visual art, and a combination of modalities creating synthesis in new ways of expression.  This shift in focus is in line with global changes resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic and need for social distancing.

Visit this link to browse our board meeting notes and to gain further information about our 501C non profit status.