Mission Statement

El Tule Institute is a non profit designed to support the development of a center for integrative educational arts and cultural research with the ultimate goal of nurturing and enriching the creative life of all its members.

El Tule was named after one of the oldest trees on the planet, and emphasizes the concept of acting as a beautiful, evolving center to encourage its branches to reach in diverse and meaningful ways.

As a community of artists and educators, we aspire to enhance and nurture the cultural arts capital of Austin and surrounding areas. Our mission and vision, as a creative business, is to cultivate inclusiveness and diversity via education activities that support artistic expression, performance and educational leadership.


To this end, the corporation shall:

-acquire and develop a virtual space for Integrative educational activities focusing on developing creative and cultural awareness and development
-provide opportunities for integrative arts instruction and practice for all members of Austin community.
-organize educational events about El Tule  Institute.
-organize fundraising events for El Tule  Institute that promotes educational opportunities.
-establish collaborative relationships with other educational organizations that have missions and goals that support the vision of the corporation.

Non discriminatory policy: El Tule Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational activities, classes, projects and partnerships with other educational organizations.  We strive for diverse composition in our educational projects and activities and honor diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Come grow your leaves, extend your branches and drop your roots with us. Ahhh…abundance, joy and bliss!

Dr. Martha Pérez
Dr. Deborah Healy
Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT


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